With the Punches & Potions patch now available on the Public Test Server (PTS) we have some new content to let you guys know about.

First up in our coverage is the Effect Viewer. This feature allows you to see details of, and cancel, effects that previously only displayed as icons below your XP bar.

There are many new buffs and effects released in this patch that make use of this feature. The Effect Viewer can be found as a button on the Character Sheet.

Please note that content on the PTS server is subject to change during the test cycle and before release.

Read the full patch notes at: https://trovesaurus.com/page=5462

Patch Notes

  • The Effect Viewer UI is a new way where Trovians can view and learn about the many effects that might be on them at any given time! 
  • The Effect Viewer will show something (usually an Ability or a Spell) that is modifying the character for a limited amount of time.  For example, Knight’s Iron Will would show in the Effect Viewer UI.
  • Players can access the Effect Viewer UI by opening the Character Sheet and selecting the Effects Viewer button (found below the Stats button).
  • Players can scroll through all of their current effects, seeing the names and descriptions along with their remaining durations (where applicable).


Effects applied to the player. Please note that some of the icon sizes are incorrect on PTS.

The EFFECTS button on the character sheet.

The Effect Viewer window, showing the duration of a buff and a Remove button.

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