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Information on content found on the Public Test Server (PTS), this server is not always online.

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PTS Update - June 15, 2024


  • Fixed an issue which would cause stats to be applied in an incorrect order for Crystal gear obtained from the Gearcrafting Profession or from a Gearcrafter's Vault
  • Fixed an issue that would allow Bards to craft Faces with the Physical Damage stat and/or receive such a Face item from Gearcrafter's Vault

PTS Update - June 14, 2024


  • 45 new Depths themed styles have been added, 10 for Faces, and 5 for Hats & each Weapon type
  • These styles can be obtained by deconstructing Gear found by "Depths" NPCs in Long Shade & The Depths delve, or unlocked directly using a Super Style Stash


  • A new "Under Pressure" debuff--periodically pulsing damage, and reducing Health Regeneration--has been added to Delves
  • This effect first appears at Depth 160 (150 for Challenge delves), and increases in strength as your Depth increases (with periodic "jumps" in power after 10 floors)
  • This effect is not meant to  "stop players in their tracks" at any specific Depth, but it is intended to make "pushing the hardest depths" require more balance between health & damage stats than is currently required


  • Adjusted the amount of Rune Fragments that drop from the Runecarver and Depths Carver ranks.
  • Rune Anvil:
    • The costs to activate the nodes in the Abyssal, Zephyr, and Pyric runes have been adjusted. Overall the costs have been reduced, but also the costs are now back loaded more to the later nodes. There's a smoother progression through activating the nodes now and more room to experiment early on.
    • Each node that unlocks a rune now describes how it works.

Encrusted Runic Trunk

  • This box can now drop Fish Bones, Ink Bladders, Depths Sand, Depths Cores, Soul of the Depths, and Runic Key Fragments
  • This box can no longer drop the standard 'harvests' from Long Shade difficulty worlds

PTS Update - June 13, 2024

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mystic gear with no stars to have lower power rank than Crystal gear with 5 stars
  • Fixed an issue where the UI for the Atlas would have errors when playing in some Languages.
  • Lichenstone, Chunks of Runic Ore, and Deepstone are now the only ores that will show up in "The Depths" Delve biomes
  • Corrected the difficulty # on gemboxes
  • Saltwater Sam & the rest of his Crew have joined Mark on their ship in the Long Shade.
  • You gained enough respect from Saltwater Sam and his Crew and now they are willing to exchange a line or two if you stop by.


  • Cookie Handler, a new Helmet style from Ranuribufo!
  • Tiny Tusk, a new Helmet style from FutureHero!
  • T.rex, a new Helmet style from GooberBalls!
  • Zombear, a new Helmet style from DGater!
  • Dread Scientist, a new Face style from G33X!
  • Raging Robot, a new Face style from G33X!
  • Mk-iLL, a new Face style from Nezz!
  • HandlePinkieBar, a new Bow style from MMIyt!
  • Elemental Union, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Misty Twilight, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Arcane Starshot, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Crystal Cut, a new Fist style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Particle Splitter, a new Fist style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Shiv-Er, a new Melee style from Nezz!
  • Sinister Watcher, a new Melee style from dre4ml1ght!
  • Drown Fish, a new Melee style from MMIyt!
  • Ashen Star, a new Melee style from SylonARTS!
  • Cannoli Cannon, a new Pistol style from CommonAmmo!
  • PulseX, a new Pistol style from onigiry!
  • Envenomed Impaler, a new Spear style from Tyrovar!
  • Oceanblight Blade, a new Spear style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Ghostly Roger, a new Spear style from Alwis!
  • Gumdrop Kebab, a new Spear style from CommonAmmo!
  • Queen Flower, a new Staff style from Tilgerthron!
  • Lore Lance, a new Staff style from MMIy!
  • Flamespire, a new Staff style from CommonAmmo!
  • HELLi, a new Staff style from Nezz!


  • New Forbidden Spires 3 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Cursed Vale 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Jurassic Jungle 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Geode Topside 1 Star dungeon by utta!
  • New Highlands 1 Star dungeon by BeastMasterSixty4!

PTS Update - June 11, 2024

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent "Deep Fallow (13) ..." gem boxes from dropping in "Long Shade" worlds
  • The "Ore" leaflets on the Runecrafting bench have been removed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Solarion Paragon class contest leaderboard not to appear
  • "Giantlands" 5 Star dungeons no longer appear in Long Shade / Uber 12 worlds
  • Fixed a text display issue for one of the effects applied by the "Fury Rune"
  • 3 collectable mounts have been added to Saltwater Sam's Depths Workbench (costs are still placeholder)
  • Fixed an issue where the Depths delve biome would use a regular boss room if the entrance to it was on Top.
  • Effects have been added to the pet collectables on the Saltwater Sam Depths Workbench (costs are still placeholder)
  • Jeallous, Maxie the Swift, and Shell Shock Shelton no longer spawn randomly throughout "Long Shade," and instead must be summoned from Depths Obelisks, which will replace the standard invaders in the zone. Costs are subject to change
  • Minimap and Compass should now correctly indicate which layer outposts in the Sundered Uplands of the Long Shade have spawned on.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Crystal & Mystic gear to spawn with the incorrect values for Critical Hit Damage & Chance
  • Slightly increased the amount of Stability that can appear on Mystic gear


  • 1 new Legendary dragon, and 2 new Ancestral dragons can be hatched at the Dragon Crucible!
  • Egg Fragments for these dragons can be found by defeating the summoned enemies from the “Invading Depths Obelisk” in Long Shade difficulty (15).
  • The legendary dragon, Circumsolae, Fringe of the Ever-Pyre, can also be unlocked via a Golden Pyric Dragon Egg, which can be found in Greater Dragon Caches, or via a Dragon Effigy.

PTS Update - June 8, 2024


  • Runeslate has been renamed to Chunk of Runic Ore to avoid confusion with "Rune Slate"
  • "Ore Rune" now triggers upon looting ore, rather than upon mining for a 5+ seconds
  • Fixed an issue with the "Ore Rune" effect which would cause it to remove itself when triggered a second time
  • "Depths Rune" has been moved from the "Depths Caver" tier in the Runecrafting Bench to the "Depths Binder" tier


  • The Rune Anvil can now be crafted at the Runecrafter's Workbench for Runecrafters of 300+ skill under the Depths Carver category
  • The Rune Anvil contains 4 (conceptual) "Runes" the player can unlock nodes in: Stone (Earth), Abyssal (Water), Zephyr (Air), & Pyric (Fire)
  • the Abyssal, Zephyr, and Pyric 'runes' remain locked until the Stone rune has been fully upgraded
  • This Progression System can be reset for the cost of 1 x "Soul of the Depths"


  • Updated map color and icon for the starting zone of the Long Shade worlds.
  • Fixed an issue preventing "Pyrite Seashells" from spawning in Long Shade Treasure Isles biomes

PTS Update - June 6, 2024

  • Fixed a crash when trying to select the "Depths Core" or "Runic Essence" recipes on Saltwater Sam's Depths Workbench when it was present in the Desert Frontier biome
  • 'Murkwater' Mark will now also sell a "The Depths" matchmaker priced in credits
  • Increased increased both the low-end and high-end "tier"/"rarity" for gear dropped in 'uber 12' / Long Shade Difficulty (15) worlds. Specifically, Legendary/orange items should be half as common at the low end (instead granting Relic/Red), and higher Stellar ranks should be available at the high end.
  • Increased the payout from the "Surfaced Depths Cache" (5 star) as well as the "Runic Depths Vault" (Delves). The payout for using a "Sparkling" key has been further increased
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Crystal gear from dropping in "Long Shade" difficulty (15)
  • Increased the Health & Damage values for Long Shade Difficulty / Uber 12 NPCs

PTS – Rising Tides – Patch Notes


  • A new enemy faction has invaded Trove! Found only in the most difficult locations, and forged under the immense pressure of The Depths, Denizens from The Depths have risen up and can be found in the new Long Shade/Uber-12* difficulty level, as well as in a new Delve biome! 
  • Saltwater Sam & his crew can be found exploring the Long Shade, and helping combat this new threat! 
  • PARDON OUR DUST: Some assets and content are still ‘placeholder’ and will be arriving on PTS in the days to follow. 


  • A new Adventure World with max difficulty—Long Shade (equivalent to “Uber 12,” see Difficulty Names section below) has been added 
  • To enter, Characters must have 40,000+ Power Rank and 8500+ Light 
  • Unlike most Adventure Worlds, this world only contains a mix of 3 biomes at any given time. 
  • These 3 biomes rotate every 3 hours 
  • The currently active biomes can be seen around the Adventure World selection node in the Atlas (default key: Ctrl + A) 
  • As these biomes rotate, a variety of new Ores, Harvestables, and crafting materials can be found within! 
  • Trovians can only carry a limited amount of these new items, and although that maximum can be increased, they can also be used at Saltwater Sam’s Ship Outpost—found scattered throughout the Long Shade—to craft more valuable, easier-to-carry materials! 
  • Saltwater Sam & his crew can be found having established “Outposts” throughout the Long Shade. Upon their ship, new collections & keys can be crafted! 
  • 5 Star dungeons can be found throughout the Long Shade, creating “Surfaced Depths Caches” (requiring keys to open) upon completion.  


  • For Characters of sufficient strength & swimming skill, “The Depths” await, a flooded Delve biome providing additional challenges and rewards! 
  • “The Depths” is only accessible via Matchmakers, the creation of which Saltwater Sam & his crew have been studying! You can find them at OUTPOSTS in all biomes in Long Shade Difficulty (15) worlds! 
  • Unlike standard Matchmakers, every floor/tier with be “The Depths,” with the new bosses appearing every 3rd floor. Instead of a Shadowy Soul Vault, every 3rd floor will spawn a Runic Depths Vault—which can be opened using keys crafted from Saltwater Sam’s Depth’s Workbench. 
  • The Depths matchmaker will only take you up to 12 floors deep, allowing 4 bosses/vaults total. 


  • The “Runecrafting” profession has two new tiers, allowing players to reach a new maximum Runecrafting skill of 400 
  • RUNES—a new equippable, auto-consume item—can be crafted using Runecrafting. 
  • Similar to “Shouts” and “Stances” from Martial Arts, “Runes” go in the Auto-Use slot, and are consumed when performing specific actions. In addition to providing temporary buffs, consuming Runes also creates “Rune Fragments,” used to craft more powerful Runes. 
  • Many existing Runecrafting recipes have had their material costs adjusted. 
  • Collections from the Runecrafting Bench are now unlocked directly, rather than via crafted item. 


  • Whispers abound of a new tier of gear: Mystic! 
  • Gearcrafters have not yet figured out the secrets of Mystic gear, meaning it cannot yet be crafted directly. Instead, exotic, expensive materials—some from 5 Stars, some from The Depths Delve biome—must be used at the Forge to UPGRADE Crystal 5 gear into Mystic 1! 
  • Trovian’s best Gearcrafters are diligently working along with Mystenta Cull to unlock its secrets! 


  • “Uber-1” difficulty has been renamed to “Uber”—Uber-2+ difficulty names have all been completely renamed, removing the number and replacing “Uber” with a new word (or pair of words) 
  • The new difficulty progression is as follows (with the first 4 entries mostly unchanged): 
  • (0) Novice 
  • (1) Adept 
  • (2) Elite 
  • (3) Master 
  • (4) Uber 
  • (5) Shade 
  • (6) Fallow 
  • (7) Twilight 
  • (8) Dusk – Previously Uber-5 
  • (9) Nightfall 
  • (10) Moonless Dark 
  • (11) Pure Midnight 
  • (12) Uber Twilight 
  • (13) Mega Dark – Previously Uber-10 
  • (14) Deep Fallow 
  • (15) Long Shade 
  • Some unused Event currencies from old Monthly Events have been cleaned up. 
  • Torches no longer give Mastery. 
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the place where two biomes meet would not transition correctly to the other Biome. 

Known Bug: 5 stars dungeons may spawn more than 1 Surfaced Depths Cache which is not intended. Only 1 should spawn, at the very end. 

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