Public Test Server (PTS)

Information on content found on the Public Test Server (PTS), this server is not always online.

PTS Open 1 week ago

PTS Update - September 21, 22

Additional Updates:

  • Joining club members via the Club UI is now disabled on PC specifically.
  • Editing the bomb permissions for the president is now possible with a Controller.
  • Updated the text on step 9 of the Star Chart questline to be more accurate.
  • The Robo-Raptor mount and Balefire wings are now visible in collections even if locked.
  • Uber-10 and Uber-11 gem boxes should now count for Gemsly’s tutorial on gems and how they work•    Taeryn Veernok, Progenitor of the Cosmos has had its passive ability changed. Now it will only work while a player is mounted. While mounted, the player and many players around them will get a buff that increases their jump by 5 and increases how high each jump will send them into the air.
  • The Terrific Title Trove now has a Karma bar.

PTS Update - September 19, 2023

Additional Updates:

  • Updated the Terrific Title Trove:
    • This box contains 1 random, temporary title unavailable elsewhere in-game.
    • Unlick Certificate Titles, these titles can be consumed directly and do not need to be unlocked and then crafted.
    • Generally, the titles from this box can be traded or placed on the Marketplace, as well as Loot Collected.
    • This box has no karma bar, but a Truly Terrific Title Trove – guaranteeing a rare result – is available when purchasing the box 33 units at a time.
    • Common and Uncommon titles from this box last 1 week, while Rare titles (usually) last 1 month and can contain embedded Metrics within the titles to show to other Trovians.
  • An introduction questline for the Star Chart system has been added. Talk to the Celestial on the top floor of the Crafting Corner to get it started!
  • Forced some dialogs to close if the user switches between keyboard/mouse and controller inputs.
  • Added support for keyboard/mouse to the Settings panel, so players are not stuck in controller mode if that’s already selected.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the title “of Calm Conviction”.
  • Fixed ", the Unforgiven" draconic title recipe so that it no longer asks for a Balefire Dragon Egg Fragment.
  • Fixed the description text for the title ", Big Game Hunter" to no longer mention Pinatas, which are small game.
  • Fixed the triggering metric for the title ", Champion of the Depths" to be 150 rather than 180.
  • Fixed the capitalization for the name of the creator on the Clever Claudia and Eldritch Drake helmet styles.

PTS – The Trouble with Titles PATCH NOTES

With this update we wanted to give players another opportunity to customize their Trovians, showing off their accomplishments by adding on to their nameplates. We also wanted to give players an opportunity to check out controller support for the PC – while this is still in progress and not entirely supported yet, we feel like it’s a significant improvement over the previous experience.

New System: Titles

  • Titles are a new way to spruce up names!
  • Accessible from the top of the Character Sheet is a button that will now open the Title Selector UI! (This is the same button that previously allowed players to select a name color.)
  • The Title Selector UI can be used to equip 1 Title prefix and 1 Title suffix, along with changing the selected name color and adjusting visibility settings for the player’s name.
  • While some of the methods of acquiring titles may grant mastery, titles themselves are intended to be purely cosmetic and grant no mastery.
  • Hundreds of titles can be found across Trove, with 3 major ways to acquire them:
    • Automatically on logging in for having certain metric values
    • Crafted at the Title Certificate Stamper workbench in the Hub
    • Crafted at the Dragon Crucible workbench in the Hub
    • Obtained from the Terrific Title Trove, found in the More tab on the store or sold by Stampy and Captain Ybarra
      • Please note that this lootbox will be unusable on PTS until a later patch. Please also note that this lootbox is NOT a way to acquire titles that are otherwise acquired through gameplay.

Metric Titles

  • Metric titles are awarded for passing certain thresholds for various player metrics, such as enemies defeated or blocks destroyed.
  • The title system will reassess eligibility for metric titles with every login or world change.
  • For example, the title “the Powerful” is available once a player has at least 20,000 Power Rank on any class. But if the player changes their equipped gems/gear so that no class has 20,000 Power Rank, zoning will then unequip the title and remove it from the Title Selector. Re-equipping the gems/gear and zoning again will restore the title.
  • Though not all metrics have titles, they can be viewed using /metrics (or export them on PC using /exportmetrics).
  • There are over 50 Metric titles available for a variety of activities!

Title Registrar

  • Stampy, the Title Registrar, can be found in the Hub in his Qubesly-approved RV Kiosk. He can be recognized by his large stamp, his glasses, tie, and the fact he’s a giant sloth.
  • A quintessential bureaucrat, Stampy only works Monday through Friday. The amiable Markos Ybarra (retired captain in the Trovian Capybara Brigade) has the weekend shift, and sells all Title essentials!
  • Using an Official Trovian Document Stamper, which is a workbench, Stampy can help craft Title prefixes or suffixes!
  • Stampy only sells 1 stamp per day because 1 is all anyone could EVER need! Each title recipe will return this stamp upon completion of the recipe.
  • Additionally, each title will need both a Title Authorization Form (which Stampy also sells) and enough title-specific materials for the Document Stamper to synthesize the title-specific ink the Qubeslean bureaucracy requires (different for each Title recipe).
  • There are over 30 titles available by default on the Trovian Document Stamper, but player can unlock many more by finding Certificates of Title out in the wild and consuming them!

Draconic Titles

  • Always looking to capitalize on popular trends, the Dragons of Trove have formed a noble council and have agreed to SEASONALLY RENT access to their over 60 FANCY AND PRESTIGIOUS titles! (Dragons insist that caps lock is cruise control for cool, don’t blame the humble writer.)
  • Draconic Title recipes are available at the DRAGON CRUICIBLE, found in the HUB.
  • Each Draconic Title can be crafted during a single Trovian season, which conveniently happen to be the same as seasons in the Northen Hemisphere on Earth (well, conveniently for anyone located in the Northen Hemisphere, at least.) Winter starts on December 1st, Spring on March 1st, Summer on June 1st, and Fall on September 1st.
  • Access to a Draconic Title lasts for the season in which they were rented plus the following season. In other words, depending on when in a season they were crafted, Draconic Titles last between 3 and 6 months.
  • Draconic Titles can ONLY be crafted by players who have the associated Dragon unlocked in collections. Anyone with the o-Lantern suffix definitely owns the Drak-o-Lantern Dragon.
  • Each Draconic Title requires a seasonal Draconic Essence to craft. Glacial Essences appear in Winter, Burnt Essences appear in Fall, Scorching Essences appear in Summer, and Germinating Essences appear in Spring.
  • Conveniently the DRACONIC BROWSER merchant nearby will sell up to 15 Diluted Draconic Essences (in 5 batches of 3 each), which can be used at the Dragon Crucible to craft the current season’s Essence! These Diluted Essence products restock each month. Alternatively, the current season’s essence can be uncommonly obtained from Greater Dragon Caches.

Controller Support [Evaluation]

  • Players can now switch their inputs between controller and keyboard/mouse without having to restart the game. A notification will appear when a controller is plugged in or unplugged.
  • Players can have up to 4 controllers recognized by the game at a time rather than being locked in to the first controller recognized.
  • Players can now select their preferred UI by going to the Main Menu (Esc) > Settings > Controls.
    • Automatic – Automatically switches between Keyboard/Mouse and Controller depending on what is active
    • Controller – forces only Controller UI
    • Keyboard/Mouse – forces only Keyboard/Mouse UI
    • Please note that PC players will default to Keyboard/Mouse rather than Automatic. Players who force an input method they don’t have available might need to find their Trove.cfg files and change the value of PlatformUI manually:
      • PlatformUI = -1 will set the value to Automatic
      • PlatformUI = 0 will set the value to Controller
      • PlatformUI = 1 will set the value to Keyboard/Mouse
  • Adjusted a number of UI panels to now work properly on PC when using a controller.

New Dungeons

  • New Dragonfire Peaks 1-Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Desert Frontier 1-Star dungeon by 4rkeN!
  • New Fae Forest 1-Star dungeon by _FutureHero_!
  • New Permafrost 1-Star dungeon by Andoshua!
  • New Jurassic Jungle 3 Star dungeon by Triky313!

New Styles

  • Added Bramble Bat, a new Helmet style from SkyTheVirus, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Taffy Longneck, a new Helmet style from _FutureHero_, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Mesmerizing Moth, a new Helmet style from xXx_akumi_xXx. to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Clever Clawdia, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Spotted Shark-tooth, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Eldritch Drake, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Curlicue Chomper, a new Helmet style from Solidcraft, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Ten-tasselled Crown, a new Hat style from Aronaix, to Forbidden Spires!
  • Added Flipped Fedora, a new Hat style from Andoshua, to Highlands!
  • Added Hissing Handbow, a new Bow style from Marzes, to Jurassic Jungle!
  • Added Skullharpoon, a new Spear style from Kive10, to Jurassic Jungle!
  • Added Mint Chipper, a new Bow style from CommonAmmo, to Candy!
  • Added Punch-packed Creamsicle, a new Fist style from CommonAmmo, to Candy!
  • Added Pre-charged Bow, a new Bow style from Fecking, to Neon City!
  • Added Fairy Bow, a new Bow style from JessyWizzard, to Fae!
  • Added Sparkling Strike, a new Fist style from Cyekie_, to Radiant!
  • Added Parrot’s Pincer, a new Fist style from galaxoman, to Treasure Isles!
  • Added Magnifying Mitt, a new Fist style from galaxoman, to Treasure Isles!
  • Added Chalked Cue, a new Spear style from DZHEYKAT, to Frontier!
  • Added Deadly Twig, a new Bow style from utta_, to Undead!
  • Added Cursed Halberd, a new Spear style from Makofkat, to Undead!

New Decorations

  • Added Chubby Fruit Eater by _FutureHero_ to the Island Workbench!
  • Added Predatory Feline by _FutureHero_ to the Island Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Gear by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Orb by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Connector by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Ornate Lattice Window by _FutureHero_ to the Forbidden Workbench!
  • Added Ornate Lattice Window Corner by _FutureHero_ to the Forbidden Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Ancient Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Moonwing Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Bone Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Winter Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Starlight Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Kami Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Pirate Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Block Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Candorian Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Deep Sea Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Pinata Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Lorekeeper Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!

Additional Updates

  • The effect for Taeryn Veernok, the Cosmic Dragon, has changed. It no longer increases Light for nearby Trovians when completing a dungeon while equipped. Now, when in Adventure Worlds, the Hub, or Club Worlds, it periodically applies a Slowfall & +Jump effect to all nearby Trovians. The slowfall effect can be cancelled via a dodge action.
  • Adjusted badge weights relative to each other so newer players should see badges auto-sort in a more logical manner when viewing the Badges section of the Adventures UI.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a Frontier dungeon from Triky313 & xThaWolf from appearing in the Desert Frontier biome.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Font of Knowledge fixture from properly giving Bonus XP.
  • Decoy Emblems should now properly take enemy aggro.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Jade Scarabs from appearing in Forbidden Spires Delves.
  • The Stormcaller wings can now be found under the Store category.
  • Recipe: Clam Chow can now be deconstructed.