Public Test Server (PTS)

Information on content found on the Public Test Server (PTS), this server is not always online.

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Public Test Server (PTS) 101

Created by Evilagician 5 years ago

This article will explain things about the Public Test Servers (also known as PTS). It is hardly ever online anymore and these days its really used for mass-player-testing of new stuff.

Some quick notes before you start

So how do you play on PTS?

When our glorious dev team requires us to test stuff, we gain the following options:

1. Selecting the PTS-US option from your glyph launcher will actually be functional. Selecting it will initially download a huge file. But when the PTS servers open you can actually connect.

2. Trove Forums PTS discussions are opened. These will have the PTS patch notes, PTS updates and bug reports (see further down this section).

Copy your character from live to PTS

Don't feel like starting over completely? The Devs got that covered too!

Make sure you have a PTS account!

Perform the following command on the LIVE servers:


A warning will appear, asking you to confirm the overwrite of your PTS account, click yes.

The bottom right will confirm the copy of your character from Live to PTS.

All you have to do now is login to PTS to check and TEST the new content.

Submitting a bug report on the forums

When you encounter a bug, be it game-breaking, be it item duplicating submit a post on the Trove forums. This decreases the chance of the bug actually ending up on the Live servers.

(below is taken from the bug template thread, made by our [user=TrionFasti].)

Reporting a Bug:

  1. Search the forums to see if your issue has already been reported. If it has, add your comment to that thread. If it hasn't, make sure you post just one bug per report. A single thread with a generic title that lists a string of bugs is not going to be easy to track down and sort through.
  2. Title your thread something related to the specifics of the bug you're reporting. Be specific.

As examples of helpful titles (not based on real bugs):

Bug - Throwing a bomb opens a Chaos Chest
Bug - Using the /dance command teleports me to the Hub

Bug Report Example:

Time: Friday, October 12th, at 3:30 PM GMT
Context: I pressed H to teleport back to the Hub after defeating the Daughter of the Moon
Expected: I expected to end up back in the Hub
Observed: Instead, I drank a potion.
Repro Steps:
1. Go to Shadow Tower. 
2. Press H to teleport to Hub. 
3. Watch as character drinks a potion.

Please remember, post on the official forums.


Happy Testing!


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