Trovesaurus Promotions

Check out the current free codes we have for Trove, as well as the giveaways we run.

Free Codes

Claim free mount codes distributed via the Trove Team and Trovesaurus.

The following codes require a Glyph account.

Salt Sower
Hátasok 50



Hexflame Harrier
Hátasok 50



Sanctuary Shuttle
Mag Futók 50



Társak 10



The following codes require a Trovesaurus AND Glyph account.

Trovesaurus Year 1

Hátasok 50

Trovesaurus Year 4

Hátasok 50

Typically a March yearly promotion

Tombstone Tempest

Trovesaurus Year 5

Papa Sage
Társak 10

Trovesaurus Year 6

Squishy Sage
Társak 10

Sage's Tophat
Hat 1

Sage's Stylin' Helmet
Hat 10

Trovesaurus Year 7

Saurian Tamer

Saurian Tamer's Pistol
Pistol Weapon

Sage's Stylin' Helmet
Hat 10

Trovesaurus Year 8

Sagely Saurers


Sign up for a chance to win the following.

Bumper Car of the Future
Winners drawn 2 days from now

Crossover Promotions

Discord Giveaways

We try to host daily giveaways on the #giveaways channel of the Trovesaurus Discord

It is typically a The Dev Dream which unlocks a random Developer Ally that you don't already have unlocked.

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I like the whole luxion shop cause they found a balance on the days luxion appears and dragon coins currency for stuff. Plus I love the dev dream box’s I can buy. I’m glad if people wanna buy dragon coins there not underpriced.
Fortnite is Being a sell out and unvaulting old unobtainable items it sullies grinding. I sure wish I could get every penny back in that game it would hurt them bad too. Reason two is they make us test everything on the Xbox without giving us a choice like balancing weapons and people exploit the exploits with them. Wish they had done a pc test server it would be less frustrating to players so I quit it.
And it’s blue 😎even though I already have all the promos Blues a great color.


u forgot to take ur schizo meds


Your not a very good doctor. Try guessing again 🤣


That’s bipolar medicine your way off no I have ocd, autism and adhd and I ramble on sometimes.
Promos restocked twice is anything rare in trove. fortnites just as bad bringing back an exclusive item reducing its value bringing down the reason to collect anything to zero it’s upsetting. Twice the wings have been restocked there just common rarity now because so many are gonna have them. There’s no reason to be proud to have been early enough to have gotten them. since promo codes can be requested. Why not restock tombstone tempest and the wings since it don’t give mastery.


This is a weird set of comments and doesn't seem entirely related.

However, part of the deal we agreed for having mastery on some of our promotions was that they would not be unobtainable, and so we try to restock these quickly.

If we didn't players would have problems on the mastery leaderboards.

If you need further explanation as to why we run exclusive promos, this is the Trove team supporting the site by helping to promote visitors.


I understand promo doesn’t mean limited edition or anything like that. The only special thing is that it’s anniversary content. I suppose you can request any of the promos restocked. The way you worded that leads me to believe they plan on adding mastery to the wings. So is there word on if Mizaia, Breath of the Evergreen will be added as promotional content? I read something that sounds like they have future plans for that mount. >,_Breath_of_the_Evergreen


On wiki it sais they have future plans for it 🙂 that’s cool I been wanting that mount.
When y'all bring safely saurers back?


As soon as we can, it's something we have requested.

When will you be bringing back the sagely saurers and spaceosaucer back?


As soon as we can - we requested some 3 weeks ago.


Okay thank you
When does the codes change ?
replace the wings plsss
i dont get nothing ;C
@Etaew I actually won Bag'ets Camembert and I have 0 idea how to redeem it


nevermind literally just got an email
We hope for 1 Yabaki one day 🍄
liked this!


me too <3
Thanks so much for the costume restock.
how can i get Spaceosaurus ?


We will restock that as soon as we can :)


please restock!
Hey I'm Looking to sell Mount: Watt's saucer ! Offer me! add me or w/me in game. Name: Time_To_Survive
I'm on xbox
I really wanted the tombstone tempest but it’s out of stock anyone knows when they will have more
i am new player gift
make a tractor that waters the garden harvests the garden and plants the seeds all in one tractor. it would be really cool for the gardening but have it be crafted in the chaos crafter that would be Epic just an idea for maybe Gardening 3.0 if you guys get another gardening update