Dear Trovians,
We are glad to announce the introduction of Twitch Drops for Trove! In anticipation of the brand new upcoming Bard class, Twitch Drops will be available for Trove – starting June 10, 2021.

Prepare yourself for the adventure of discovering the new class by watching your favorite streamers play Trove on Twitch and get rewards for YOUR account. The more you watch, the more you will receive!


By watching your favorite streamers play Trove on Twitch, you will be able to receive the following rewards:

Daily watching reward:
Watch Trove for 30 minutes each dayand receive five Chaos Chests!

Total event rewards:
Watch Trove for 15 minutes and receive one Chaos Chest*.
Watch Trove for 30 minutes and receive one Streamer Dream 1*.
Watch Trove for 45 minutes and receive one Streamer Dream 2*.
Watch Trove for 60 minutes and receive one Streamer Dream 3*.
Watch Trove for 75 minutes and receive one Dev Dream*.
Watch Trove for 90 minutes and receive one Golden Chaos Chest*.
Watch Trove for 105 minutes and receive one 1-Day-Patron-Pass*.
Watch Trove for 2 hours and receive thirty Dragon Coins*.
Watch Trove for 3 hours total and receive the Cute-Topped Carrot*.
Watch Trove for 4 hours total and receive the Gold Companion Egg*.
Watch Trove for 6 hours total and receive the Infini Frigate and Infineon Insignia Sail*.
Watch Trove for 8 hours total and receive the Chronomancer Costume*.
Watch Trove for 12 hours total and receive the Aegis Override Pack*.

*Reward is limited to one per account.


To take advantage of Twitch Drops, properly link your Glyph and Twitch accounts. You can find all the information on how to do this by clicking >> here <<!
Once you’ve successfully linked your accounts, watch any Trove stream that has drops enabled during the event period to receive the rewards listed above, based on your watch time.

Watch your favorite streamers play and enjoy Trove, prepare yourself for the new Bard class and get rewarded for it now until July 8, 2021!

Best wishes,
Your Trove team!

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liked this!

can someone please find out what the aegis override pack is?

liked this!


What is in the Aegis Override Pack? Also...which Chronomancer Costume? 😂