St. Qubeslick 2020 - Quest Chain and Daily Adventures

March 10, 2020 (updated 3 weeks ago) by Evilagician

Main Quest Chain

#0/6: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure (10)

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/6: Gather Lucky Dust (35)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 1/6: Hi Trovian, it's me, Qubesly! It's time to make our own luck as St. Qubeslick has returned. Start by gathering St. Qubeslick Lucky Dust.\n\nAll dungeons and lairs have a chance to drop Lucky Dust during St. Qubeslick."

Rewards: Chaos Chest 10

#2/6: Craft with Lucky Dust (3)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 2/6: That looks like plenty of dust. It's time to craft this into something spectacular! Head to the Radiant Dayspring on the Sun Goddess Statue the Hub and craft Lucky Stars or Lucky Clover Seed."

Rewards: Builder's Rough Focus 1

#3/6: Spread Some Luck (3)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 3/6: Just beautiful Trovian, you always do the right thing. Plant those seeds or throw those Lucky Star to help add more luck to this wild and crazy world."

Rewards: Builder's Precise Focus 1

#4/6: Trigger Magic Find (10)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 4/6: I feel luckier already, don't you? Test your luck by triggering magic find!"

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#5/6: Take down 3-Star Dungeons (15)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 5/6: This year is going to be great, I just know it. I always feel luckiest when I push myself. Take down some 3-Star Dungeons to prove yourself."

Rewards: Contained Chaos Spark 2

3 Star quests in 5 Star dungeons and Shadow Towers also count!

#6/6: Throw Confetti (Or Lucky Stars) (10)

"St. Qubeslick 2020 6/6: You are always the inspiration, Trovian. Throwing confetti is known to be good luck and you never know what might happen. You can craft Confetti Balls at the Fun Factory or Radiant Dayspring!"

Rewards: Sir Lanci-hop the Lucky Leaper

Daily Adventures

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