[Modding] Putting a deco trail on any mount (+Prefab modding)

September 17, 2018 by MisterY

Did you ever want to put trails on your mount, like Hadori or Koroki ?
Well, I found out how to do it, and on every mount ! (with prefab modding)

To do this, we have to replace both the grass from Koroki and Koroki itself. I'll explain every step here.

Pre-required :

/!\ This is a guide for "basic" modders that have base of modding, if you don't I highly recommend you to read this introduction to modding by Evilagician.

/!\ Don't do this thinking your mod will have a chance to get accepted. I asked the devs and they told me that trail mounts were supposed to be unique, they aren't looking for them. (You can still do mounts without trails) This guide is for people that want to have fun with this.

Finally, the guide is still in progress, most of the work is ready but I'm still looking in the files to make more things ! (Like Hadori based mounts, replacing animations...)

Replacing Koroki's Chaos GrassTop ^

The most important step : replacing the grass. It's important because it's what make the trail unique and this is enough for some people, that don't want to change the mount.

You first have to get the original file of the grass. Considering that you already extracted the blueprints, go in /extracted/blueprints/ and get e_chaos_grass_02.blueprint. This is the trail blueprint.

You can then export it to qb files, the size of the model will not be a square but I suggest you to make it a 13x13 square (the height doesn't matter, I believe it doesn't have any limit). Keep in mind that the deco's animation bends the block, so if you are planning to make something with straight lines it can look weird.
Additionally, the extracted model in the 13x11 will NOT be correctly placed. You have to start placing voxels on the first layer if you want them to be on the ground (and not flying)
Decos don't need any Attachment Point.

If you want to, you can use another deco's blueprint and rename it to e_chaos_grass_02.blueprint

After you finished editing the .qb files, convert them to a blueprint again and put it like so : /blueprints/override/e_chaos_grass_02.blueprint

(This is why I can't get a Hadori version yet, I didn't find it's flowers file. Thanks to Ylva for showing me the chaos grass.)

Changing Koroki into another mountTop ^

This step is a little trickier.

The easiest would be keeping Koroki's rig (raptor/bird). It's easily achievable by replacing Koroki's blueprints (named c_mt_raptor_birdchaos).

But we don't want to stop here. What if we don't want a bird or a raptor ?
That's where the prefab modding comes in

Prefab Modding

Don't worry, it may sound weird and difficult but it's really not. It's still as easy as copying files and renaming them !

To do this you need 2 things : the .binfab's locations and names of both Koroki and the mount you want to put.

Koroki's binfab : /prefabs/collections/mount/raptor_birdchaos.binfab
We won't need it right now but we're keeping it.

To know your mount's .binfab name, you have to get its name in the game's files. (Koroki = raptor_birdchaos)

To then get your .binfab, you have to look in /extracted/prefabs/collections/mount/NAME_OF_YOUR_MOUNT.binfab
Obviously, replace "NAME_OF_YOUR_MOUNT" by the name of your mount.

Once you got your .binfab, copy it somewhere handy, and rename it to raptor_birdchaos.binfab. Then, place it in /prefabs/collections/mount/override

Picture of the final state :

If you go and test this in game, you'll see everything about Koroki will be replaced by your mount. BUT : As prefab modding isn't supposed to exist, it has some flaws. That's why you will have to re-equip "Koroki" everytime you change worlds.

You can then fully mod your mount by replacing your mount's blueprints. You probably know how to do it already !

For fun, you can also just change Koroki into another mount that's in the game !

Going furtherTop ^

This category is still in progress. What I want to try is replacing the deco's animation, or putting vfx on it (to make VFX trails).

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