Modding 101 Chapter 0: Let's get you into Modding

November 17, 2016 by Evilagician

Want to start modding? Great! Start reading these guides to get you started. These guides have been split into several chapters, to guide you through each step. Use this index page to quickly jump to each chapter.

These guides are currently being rewritten by multiple authors, if pieces of previous guides have been used, the original author(s) (if known) is/are mentioned.

If you're interested in installing guides have a look at the following guides:

The modding community in Trove is meant for those who are creative and love to change or improve existing models, vfx or ui pieces. Lets start with the Trove modding Manifesto

Original Manifesto

Additional Do's Additional Don'ts
Mod because you have a great idea for a mount Mod for credits or fame
Ask for feedback Ignore peoples opinions on your mod

Your end goal

Create something because you have a great idea and want to share it with the community. Even with lots of downloads and workshop subscriptions it might not end up in-game and thats fine! Embrace the people that are subscribed and love your mod!


Special Thanks

Modding is at the point where it is now because of a lot of effort of the community and the developers. If you spot the following people online give them a /hug for all the work they have done. If you miss someone on this list, let us know! 

Milambit, Ignitas, Dusty_Mustard, TeekayM, FriedSushi

The following people were part of the Modding 101 creation, gave input or feedback.

Pendk, The_Mafian, Ainogommon

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Can i add to this I can do

  • 3c Modification of blueprints in MagicaVoxel (WIP)

To edit or change a blueprint in magicvoxel is easy.

To start off you need to use the tool to change the blueprint into a qb.

See chapter 3 for info

when that's done all need to do is open Magicvoxel and just drag and drop the qb into the open program and there u go. 


You should now see it.

if it's a long gray block then that part of the model you are using has nothing there and you do not need to edit it just grab and drag a different qb into it 

 Tips to help when using magicvoxel Make a Color palette of all the Material Map so its easy to work when making stuff in it.

One I made For Magicvoxel when i working on mods

This Toolbar is your best friend and you use a lot in magic voxel.

First box the button You only need to use are as followed

(1) Is to full in the model u make with one color very helpful with u need to make the A,T,S BluePrint Parts

(2) Is To Well it says it all Fit the model in a box it's really used  but still helpful

Photo link

Box 2 You use all of them play around with them. they can be very helpful

photo link


Box 3 is helpful in showing Lines around your Model and Give you a Line Grid to Make easier to work with.

Photo link

Box 4 is You Main Tool Box you will use I mostly only use B= Brush but u can use the others if you like to but if this all still new to you keep with B when making anything.

Photo Link

Also If you still cart work out what the rest do Magic Voxel has you cove you can just hover over a button and down below here It tells you what that Button does and Give you the Hotkey for that Button to make even easier 

photo link


When you are all done with you Model and you need to do is make now in to a QB so How

Well, that's easy you just need to click on this tool block and then click the little qb button and there go also do not forget to name it the blueprint you u edited. 


Photo Link


Also, Do not forget to click the save and save as button whenever you fell like u need as there no auto save.



So there you go happy model/mod making

Also If you still stuck I live stream Making Mods using magicvoxel Most Wednesday Moring my time  Over On Twitch/octarock




I hope this helps.




i don't mind turning this into a 3c page, but there are some bits I'm gonna change.


go for i happy just to help get more people in make stuff. with magic its been alot easy also i start to do some wights ups for other parts on it in a word doc i get back to when i done.

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My sword after modding it's holding it the wrong way.... why? same for the fishing pole... i didnt change the pink dot


the pink block has all info in if make it to long or the handle to long it can well brake

i want to know how to mod


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