Thanks for taking part in our month long Fae Forest biome art contest, we have the results thanks to our guest judges SkyRider3217 and SkyTheVirus.

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You still never cease to amaze, Whoever! Style is consistent, atmosphere is just absolutely gorgeous and extremely immersive, and nice touch on the dungeon 'round the back! The stars are very distinct in their direction, and the patch of stones up front is a very nice add. The trees are very beautifully illustrated too, the small dropping vines and hanging lanterns the closer one is to the dungeon, that's just a wonderful scene to take in and feel like one with the party of Wild and Dark Fae. This piece just screams your name, and definitely sends satisfaction to your progression as an artist. Keep up the absolutely amazing work, Whoever -- and keep being the best you that you can be! ♥

Comment by Delicious

I think you drew the atmosphere of Fae forest according to your style nicely! Your fae character is really pretty, and it goes well with the whole flow of paintings! Plus, it's amazing how you draw it in 3 hours!!! I'm looking forward to your next biome art already >:3

Comment by mau5head

SkyRider3217Top ^

"I can totally see this as art on a postcard. It really does introduce such a magical biome with a cute little spider on the front. Also really like the use of depth for the background."

"The style is very simple but the story on this one is really funny. XD If it were to have this pinning mechanism, the mob will be hated by all."

SkyTheVirusTop ^

"Absolutely love the style of this one. A nice glow from the sunrise/sunset of the biome and all the effects makes it a nice mystical piece of art!"

"It's great to see the Harmonious and Twisted side of the fae forest. The flowers and bevels really stay true to the biome. "

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