PS4 Issues Compensation Care Package

Greetings PS4 Trovians! We know there have been a number of large issues on Trove PS4 and we wanted to spread the word on how we're planning to make this right. The plan is to start sending these items to players starting this week but it's a large number of impacted players so it'll likely take a week or two before everyone has received the items. Please bear with us while these items are being granted.

Care PackagesTop ^

Active Patrons (Active at any point during the affected time up to April 11 at 6PM) will receive:

Everyone else will receive:

We know there were quite a few issues that prevented people from playing the game and I can assure you that we were (and continue to be) working very hard to resolve them and that we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. We love Trove and it sucks when people can’t play.

One final note is that the latest emergency downtime was due to some past purchases over-granting credits and other items. We’ve been able to clean up the majority of these mistaken grants – so hop in, have fun, and thank you for all of your support!

-James “Kytsu” Karras
Senior Producer

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Thanks for the package but how do i claim it?

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Must be nice that everyone's receiving their compensation, I still haven't received any of the compenstaion, the shadow soul/cache comp, the lustrous gem box comp, nor the ps4 care package comp, and doubt I'll ever receive my compensation, it's quite bullshit...

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Wow. :O they take better care of their ps4 players than their pc players :P

i know right :P

Ummm... did you play on ps4 in the last 2 weeks? The compensation is minimal and Trion destroyed the market and leaderboards by granting far too many free credits, again by accident. Leaderboards and market just got screwed over totally.

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