Permafrost - Art Results

March 2, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Permafrost biome contest, here are the results from our guest judges SkyTheVirus and Ainogommon.

Official contest art is created by SkyTheVirus, guest judges are chosen from our active pool of Artists.

SkyTheVirusTop ^

Criteria: Artistic Quality and Uniqueness

This is well suited for this theme. I like the lighting and materials put into the scene to replicate the warm, yet cold feel of the biome. I would want this on my desk for sure, TAKE MY MONEY!

It's nice to see a friendly interaction with an enemy, really cute! With the ice sage being the last of its kind, its great to see the relationship with a Rimetalon. :3

AinogommonTop ^

A good representation of the Permafrost biome. The tone of the skybox perfectly fit the concept of morning time yet make it feel lively when look at the sun rises from the sub-zero area.

Really fit the concept of Permafrost, The atmosphere within the picture presenting how cruel of icy-biome is; ice, spikes, glacial, and ice trees with the addition of freezing mist.


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