How to Optimize Your DPS by Balancing Stats

January 11, 2018 by Architect

In this guide, I will describe how to decide which stats to focus on to optimize your damage per second. I will also provide tables showing the best choices for gems to optimize dps for each class.

May 31, 2019: Corrected boost combinations for Vanguardian (I haven't done anything with food buffs yet for any of the classes)

February 28, 2019: Added light to DPS equation and explained its usage

December 18, 2018: Crystal Combat Update, major boost now gives 266 PR instead of 266.66 PR

AbbreviationsTop ^

DMG = base damage of your magic damage or physical damage depending on your class

To find this value, go to your character sheet, click on STATS, then mouse over Magic Damage or Physical Damage depending on your class.

DPS = Damage per Second

CD = Critical Damage

CH = Critical Hit

LT = Light

PR = Power Rank

HP = Maximum health after bonuses

MH = base maximum health

%MH = % bonus to base maximum health

U8, U9, U10 = Uber 8, Uber 9, and Uber 10 adventure world

VG = Vanguardian

BR = Boomeranger CB = Candy Barbarian CM = Chloromancer
DL = Dracolyte DT = Dino Tamer FT = Fae Trickster
GS = Gunslinger IS = Ice Sage KT = Knight
LL = Lunar Lancer NN = Neon Ninja PC = Pirate Captain
RV = Revenant SH = Shadow Hunter TR = Tomb Raiser

EquationsTop ^

In most cases, DPS can be simplified to:

some constant * DMG * (CD * CH + 10000) * f

such that f = 4725 / (6500 + x - LT) - 0.356 - 0.004 * y and f ≤ 1 for geode topside, else f = 1

where x = {0, 3000, 5000} for {U8, U9, U10} and y = {0, 1, 2} for {U8, U9, U10}

where DMG + 14 * LT + 70 * CD + 700 * CH remains constant

and CH is less than or equal to 100.

Since gems contribute the most to stats, their PR weights are the constraints for optimization.

1 PR = 14 DMG or 1 LT or 0.2 CD or 0.02 CH

If you want to maximize DPS for geode topside then maximize LT. Otherwise, minimize LT.

DPS is maximized when CD = 10 * CH and DMG = 700 * CH + 700000 / CH.

You will not need any boosts into CH at endgame.

If you already have 100 CH, then balance DMG = 70 * CD + 7000.

For Neon Ninja, DPS is different because Heuristic Haxstar (shuriken) receives a 2.5 multiplier to CD at 3 charges. Assuming 3 normal attacks per shuriken and excluding other sources of damage such as beamers and the 250 base attack damage,

DPS = some constant * DMG * (107 * CD * CH + 500000).

Optimization occurs when CD = 10 * CH and DMG = 700 * CH + 35000000 / (107 * CH).

If you already have 100 CH, then balance DMG = 70 * CD + 350000 / 107.

These equations are usful for maximizing Neon Ninja's DPS in adventure instead of shadow towers. I didn't include the cooldowns from using flasks since I either don't use them or I use death defying vial to activate without cooldown.

Maximizing LT can result in 55% to 60% increase in DPS in geode topside compared to minimizing LT. However, you don't need to maximize LT to easily clear u10 at endgame, which is better because you can optimize DPS for shadow towers instead. LT is still a good stat to boost for players that are not at endgame, especially when meeting LT requirements for geode topside.

Extra information: HP = MH * (%MH / 100 + 1)

and HP is maximized when MH = 100 * (%MH + 100).

ExamplesTop ^

Suppose you have 90000 DMG, 1100 CD, and 100 CH, and you want to know what stat to focus on to optimize your dps. Using the equation I provided, 70 * 1100 + 7000 = 84000. This means you should focus on increasing CD because you want 70 * CD + 7000 = 90000. Suppose you had 80000 DMG instead of 90000 DMG. Then you should focus on increasing DMG until reaching 84000. After you reach a balance in stats, you can maintain that balance by increasing the PR of each stat equally. This is also true if you have less than 100 CH.

Endgame Gem Boost CombinationsTop ^

Link to spreadsheet: Boost Combinations

Assuming CH on weapon is used, CH ring is used, and all gems have CH except for cosmic gems:

PC has about 11.586 extra CH.

FT, GS, IS, SH have about 20.586 extra CH.

The rest have about 9.086 extra CH. If using Hungry Hydrakken, add 3% CH.

If you have enough extra CH, you may reroll it for MH and/or %MH. You get 0.5 %MH per trove mastery level so optimal combinations can vary. Increasing your max health will increase the damage done by Spirit Surge.

For all classes, LL subclass is used unless specified. LT is minimized. Head, weapon, and face have CD except for NN. Assume the ally used doesn't contribute to DMG, CD, and CH. Allies that give a % bonus to DMG are okay. No subclass means there is no contribution to DMG, CD, and CH from the subclass. For example, using PC or KT subclass doesn't contribute to DMG, CD, and CH. For NN, I use the Hungry Hydrakken ally, PC subclass, and Magic Find + Attack Speed + Movement Speed gear to quickly do dungeons in adventure while benefiting from magic find. I included CB (no subclass) because the extra flasks from KT subclass might be needed for speedruns. For LL, I don't know what subclass provides the most benefit, but I included a table for the BR subclass.

The combination 5/4/10/8 + 1/2/3/3 represents the combination for the non-cosmic gems + the combination for the cosmic gems. The 5/4/10/8 means 5 boosts to DMG and 4 boosts to CD in total for your non-cosmic empowered gems and class gem, and 10 boosts to DMG and 8 boosts to CD in total for your non-cosmic normal gems. The same format applies to 1/2/3/3 for your cosmic gems. I recommend aiming for a combination that is easier for you to accomplish with your gems. The difference between the top combinations is very small and not worth spending a lot of time and resources to go from one to another. I recommend aiming for a combination with more flexibility and a balance of boosts to both DMG and CD. The endgame boost combinations are expected to change as they add more dragons to the game. I added rankings for +10% cosmic so you can plan ahead for the cosmic dragon (assuming there will be one) that gives 10% bonus to your cosmic gems.

Base Value = DPS without the constant and divided by 100 million. The base value for NN is calculated by using NN's DPS without the constant and divided by 10.7 billion. To calculate the coefficient, multiply the base value by (1 + bonuses) * (1 + class bonus) * 1 million. CB and LL receive a 30% class bonus, BR receives a 10% bonus, and the other classes don't receive any bonus. For example, a GS with 6/3/8/10 + 0/3/5/1 combination and 600 trove mastery will have a coefficient of 3.86128623552 * (1 + 0.2 + 0.15 + 600 * 0.0015) * 1 million = 8687894.02992. Each trove mastery level gives a 0.15% bonus, Chronomancer Qubesly gives a 20% bonus, and the level 3 Shrine of Ferocity fixture gives a 15% bonus. Don't worry if the coefficient doesn't exactly match other people's calculations, especially for NN because I use a specific equation for its DPS. My base values are good approximations to the actual values, but there is more rounding that is difficult to determine. Rounding does not appear to affect the rankings of the combinations. Bonuses do not affect the rankings.

For speedruns, I recommend using Stinging Curse, Spirit Surge, and Berserk Battler for your empowered gem abilities. I don't think they are required, but try to get them if you can. Actually, Stinging Curse doesn't do much damage, so you can replace it with anything else such as Pyrodisc or Explosive Epilogue. For farming adventure with NN, I recommend Pyrodisc, Vampirian Vanquisher, and Spirit Surge.

Here is a guide for rerolling gems: Gem Reroll Strategy

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