Quest chain - Portal to Darkness (AUG 8th - AUG 22nd)

August 8, 2017 | Evilagician | 16,539

Solve the mystery of what the Shadows are up to! Be warned, this article contains spoilers.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 to Monday, August 21, 2017 on PC's and Consoles.

Quest Objectives

#1/8: Defeat Shadows in Treasure Isles (100)

Portal to Darkness 1/8: The Sun-Touched Shimmerwing, who has been silent for a long time, suddenly speaks, 'Shadows have been spotted underwater in the Treasure Isles! You must discover why.'

Reward 1x  Shadowy Schematic

This is curious.

Community Tips:

  • Killing Shadows Haunted Isles do not count towards this quest.

#2/8: Collect Shadowy Schematics from Shadows (10)

Portal to Darkness 2/8: 'They seem to have just been an advance guard. The main invasion force are in the Drowned Worlds, in the Haunted Isles. This recipe is just a fragment of some sort of teleportation portal. If we can get enough of them, we may be able to go to where the Shadows came from, and stop this invasion. Not every Shadow will be carrying them, but enough will.'

Reward 1x  Double Experience Potion

One of the Shadows was carrying this.

Community Tips:

  • Shadowy Shematics can be collected before (and after the quest), but the ones collected before this quest, do not count towards this quest.

#3/8: Craft a Portal 

Portal to Darkness 3/8: 'These schematics describe how to build a portal to where these Shadows are coming from. Seek out the Wheel of Seasons in the Hub again, and craft the portal. Make one appropriate to your power.'


*this portal is available at different Uber levels, make one you can handle!*

Reward 1x  Chaos Core

This bit seemed to be leftover from the crafting.

#4/8: Defeat Nearby Enemies on the Other Side (100)

Portal to Darkness 4/8: 'This portal roils with chaos, but it will take you to the source of the Shadows. Place it and go through. Clear a landing area for us.'

Reward 5x  Chaos Chest

The Shadows seem to be a good source of Chaos Chests.

Community Tips:

  • Boots, Walkers, Cannons, those snail things don't count.
  • Only small shadows and Darknik warbots count.

#5/8: Defeat a Darknik Warbot (##)

Portal to Darkness 5/8: They must have a leader, possibly a Darknik Warbot. If you defeat it, it may possess information about their goals.

Reward 1x  Shadow Sight Helm

As the Darknik Warbot dissipated, this was left behind.

#6/8: Defeat Distant Foes (200)

Portal to Darkness 6/8: There was no obvious information on that Darknik Warbot... but the Shadow Sight Helm it was carrying has some amazing properties! Looking through it, you can see something ominous in the distance. Something gigantic, labyrinthine, and terrifying. Great threat seems to emanate from it. 'That is where the great battle will take place,' the Sun-Touched Shimmeringwing says, 'Clear a path to it. Destroy the defensive enemy clusters at the edge of the island'

Reward 2x  Chaos Core

One of the enemies was carrying these.

Community Tips:

  • Killing cannons will not contribute to the quest number but will make it easier and they die quickly.

#7/8: Defeat Enemies in the Atoll of Madness (500)

Portal to Darkness 7/8: 'The lava blocks our advance, but I have a battle plan. The Shadows use necrotic bridges that do not appear for you. Defeating the guardians at the edges of the Atoll of Madness wreathes you with a swirl of shadow stuff. If enough Trovians do this, you shall seem as they do, and the bridges will work for you. A pathway shall form across the fires, and we shall take the fight to them!

Reward 25x  Diamond Dragonite

The Sun-Touched Shimmerwing seems to flare brighter with anticipation and focus.

Community Tips:

  • Kill the same enemies as the previous quest.

#8/8: Defeat Enemies (500)

Portal to Darkness 8/8: Good. The defensive enemies have some new weapons, if you desire to collect them. But you have done your part. If your peers persist, we shall find the path forward and take the battle to the Shadows' home. Rest for now, champion, but keep your edge. A reckoning will soon be due, by your hand.

Reward 5x  Chaos Chest

What challenges will lie beyond the necrotic bridge? You shall soon know...

Community Tips:

  • Any enemy will count towards the number of enemies to kill.

New styles

These new styles award 1 mastery point when you deconstruct them, these drop in the Atoll of Madness

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