This mod turns the Fae Wildweaver into a far less intimidating scale-model of the Darknik Dreadnought!

Thanks a lot Techno, I'm happy you like it so much. Actually, I've worked with VFX a bit before (the minibike mount uses slightly modified assets of other mounts), I just couldn't properly scale down the flame Gourdzilla has (but I think it'll do). I'll see what I can do about the feet, I was struggling with it a little, I was trying to go for a hoof-like look which might or might not turned out as I wanted to.

Thanks again for the kind words! =) 


This mod turns the Hexflame Harrier / Dreadnought Mk I Prototype into a state-of-the-art siege engine for all your bastion-bashing needs!


This mod turns the Jade Larvorghini into a knowledge-nibbling creature native to the Lands of Learning!

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

This mod turns the lvl 10 Shadow Hunter costume and the Bone Dragoncrown into a sharpshooter's armor from an ancient empire!

COSTUME ( Chloromancer)

This mod turns the Lvl 20 Chloromancer costume into the robe that is worn by the members of the mysterious Magitech!


This mod turns the Cycle of the Master into a miniature (but not less powerful) motobike!

A piece I made for Doctober. Get well soon! =)

MagicMate (PC) 3 months ago


COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

A mod that turns the starter Gunslinger costume, the Boss of the Planes and Renegade Railgun styles into the garrrment of a rapid-firing sailor of the Blocky Seas!

Another shot* at making a simple Trove-related piece by me. Cheers!

MagicMate (PC) 4 months ago


Just a little something I brought together for the Stachlicious Etaewfest - or, like, for fun in general.

MagicMate (PC) 4 months ago


COSTUME ( Tomb Raiser)

This mod turns your Tomb Raiser into a sentient scarecrow who commands a platoon of pumpkins!

It's about time for me to participate in something. I'd like to sign up as modder.

I'd love to but unfortunately i don't have access to my computer as it's broken down.

I got two suggestions right now in my mind, let me share them:

  • The "Themes" section is a great addition to the site and I guess it's not entirely finished yet, could you maybe add more of them? Maybe comb them together with the style groups that in-game hat/face/weapon items are categorized in (Undead, Tundra, etc.) and keep those that are more "general"/not tied to a biome (e. g. Shadow, Arcanium, Infineon). Also, could you please add some sort of a "color chart" to each theme (e. g. the typical colors used in the Shadow Tower)?
  • The "tagging feature" at Database -> Styles is also a good thing but it needs a little clean-up. Some of them seem irrelevant, having slightly different tags (e. g. "book" and "books") is unnecessary I think. I know these tags are user-made, maybe some guidelines should be set so users don't make redundant tags.

Yeah, that's about it. Thanks for all the work you've done so far!



A mod that replaces the Cycle of the Master to an Arcanium-powered ride.

COSTUME ( Tomb Raiser)

A costume mod that turns your Tomb Raiser into a slightly mad puppeteer who commands an army of... puppets.


A small mod which replaces the Tranquil Tentacle to a Jack-in-- or rather a Jack-out-of-the-box toy.


A little mod that replaces the Neon Ninja Qubesly to a sentient speaker who'll help you spread the wub.


A little mod which turns Qubesly into a Mariachi.


A simple mod that replaces the Awesome Ball to a rocking-horse based on a specific icecream-loving unicorn.


A simple mod that replaces the Awesome Ball to a rocking-horse based on everybody's starting mount.

COSTUME ( Pirate Captain)

A Desert Frontier-themed costume mod for the Pirate Captain.

COSTUME ( Ice Sage)

A costume mod for the Golden Sands Biome Contest.

A casual Trove player, aspiring modder, and Arcanium enthusiast. 3 in 1!

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