Mau5head's a mouse! \o/


This mod turns Selene the Celestial Storm into a jolly joybringer dragon!

COSTUME ( Knight)

This mod turns the Level 10 Knight costume, the Horned Helm hat and Kingly Kinetics melee styles into a courageous cavalryman's clothing!


This mod turns the Cookie Bakerbot into a li'l sunlight bulb-carapaced turtleling companion!

Good job people, especially CDM. Hats off! =)

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

This mod turns the Lvl 20 Gunslinger costume and Shadome into the sugary and steel suit of a candy-loving connoisseur!

This would be my - hopefully not too laughable - attempt to create a Star Wars-Trove crossover art. May the mass times acceleration be with us Trovians! =)


This mod turns the Restless Eye into a bouncy ballfrog full of fun!


This mod turns Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks into everyone's starter mount geared up to be able to become airborne (and sneeze bombs while flying)!

It looks really cool, I still hope you'll make a sail design of this some time. =)

Hi there!

I used to get that error code when I tried to build the .tmod with the in-game command. Ever since I make the .tmods with TroveTools.NET, they upload without any problem.

As for uploading mods, you can do it here, on Trovesaurus, under the Mods tab (choose "Add"). Follow the instructions there and fill in the required information.

Pretty entries are pretty and it was really nice from Keetsie that she commented on each piece.

It's good to see some background story (or shall I call it lore?) for a change and the connection to the happenings in the Desert Frontier is also interesting.

I wonder whether every bit of Arcanium has been exploited yet or not... :P


This mod turns the Neon Nemesis stellar aura into the simulated symptoms of a stun to trick your foes (and friends)!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it! =)


This mod turns the Tranquil Tentacle into a skipping succulent to cheer you on the long and exhausting desert journeys!


This mod turns the Sunspot Sprinter/Overrated Tortoise into a li'l arcane fella to aid you in those sorcerous situations!

Lotsa fun and derp entries, awesome job everyone! =)

Yes, it does, but you'll still need an Amazon account if you don't have one yet.


This mod turns the Fae Wildweaver into a far less intimidating scale-model of the Darknik Dreadnought!

Thanks a lot Techno, I'm happy you like it so much. Actually, I've worked with VFX a bit before (the minibike mount uses slightly modified assets of other mounts), I just couldn't properly scale down the flame Gourdzilla has (but I think it'll do). I'll see what I can do about the feet, I was struggling with it a little, I was trying to go for a hoof-like look which might or might not turned out as I wanted to.

Thanks again for the kind words! =) 


This mod turns the Hexflame Harrier / Dreadnought Mk I Prototype into a state-of-the-art siege engine for all your bastion-bashing needs!


This mod turns the Jade Larvorghini into a knowledge-nibbling creature native to the Lands of Learning!

A casual Trove player, aspiring modder, and Arcanium enthusiast. 3 in 1!


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