Quest chain - The Gathering Light JUL 25 - AUG 7

July 25, 2017 by Evilagician

Summer is still here, but lets find out what those shadow invaders want! The Gathering Light chain has been activated for the coming week.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 to Monday, August 7, 2017 on PC's and Consoles.

Note, the numbers in each quest part are still being edited in.


Quest ObjectivesTop ^

#1/9: Open boxes (20)

The Gathering Light 1/9: You heard rumors that strange artifacts were being found, though no one knows what they are or what they're for…

Reward 1x Crystallized Sun Spark

You find something valuable-looking in one box. What is it?

#2/9: Acquire Golden Souls (5)

You feel the vague urge to find Golden Souls. To what effect, you are not sure. What an odd sensation.

Reward 1x Crystallized Sun Spark

You find another of these intriguing items together with a Golden Soul.

#3/9: Open Chaos Chest (5)

The Gathering Light 3/9: You have a strong sense of a paradox: that there is light... where there can be no light. You look inside one of the darkest things you can think of.

Reward 1x Crystallized Sun Spark

Yet another of these beautiful items resolves from within a Chaos Chest.

#4/9: Complete 1-Star Dungeons (50)

The Gathering Light 4/9: As soon as you have three of the Crystals, you recall a half-forgotten memory about a fourth. It's in a dungeon, but... which one? And how do you know this?

Reward 1x Crystallized Sun Spark

In the chest of that last dungeon lies yet another of these luminous things.

#5/9: Defeat Shadows (100)

The Gathering Light 5/9: You have a vivid image of shadowy creatures in the crisp white snow. They are searching for these Sun Sparks, and you know this should not be. You don't know why these thoughts are appearing in your head, but stopping the Shadows somewhere in the Permafrost is obviously your goal.

Reward 1x Crystallized Sun Spark

This seems to be what the Shadows are looking for.

#6/9: Defeat Armoured Shadows (200)

The Gathering Light 6/9: You hear faint and fragmented whispers. Oddly, this feels soothing. You make out the following: 'Sun Sparks… are... me. ...Aspects ... I think… Remember more... Gather... Sun Sparks... Magical Atoll in... Drowned World ... Using armor ... Should not... Be.. Searching... Hurry...'

Reward 5x Crystallized Sun Spark

Armored Shadows are using these as power sources. You collect several.

#7/9: Release a Sun-Touched Shimmerwing

The Gathering Light 7/9: With ten Sun Sparks in hand, you hear a clear, radiant voice calmly speaking inside your head. "Thank you. I've... been sleeping, I think. I can barely remember. Seek out the Wheel of Seasons in a humble hut in the Hub. I saved some ancient memories there. Speaking the words you find there will combine these fragments of me into something greater. Perhaps then I shall recall more.'

Make Top ^

Reward 1x Empowered Gem Box

Combined with the ancient words, the Sun Sparks coalesce into a radiant butterfly!

#8/9: Defeat a Darknik Warbot 

The Gathering Light 8/9: The radiant being beside you speaks with an otherworldly and pure voice, 'I remember! I… I used to live in the Radiant Realm. I was a part of something...greater. Long ago I fought against the onslaught of the shadows. But at some point, I fell. The world was destroyed. Shadows now hunt for remnants of the light, but to what purpose I do not know. They have sent a great mechanical monstrosity to infiltrate Neon CIty. It may have information'

Reward 1x Double Experience Potion

The Sun-Touched Shimmerwing grants you a powerful looking vial!

#9/9: Consume a Double XP Potion

The Gathering Light 9/9: 'I sensed its intent as you drew close to it. They are building something. Something big. Be prepared. Consume this when you are ready to make yourself stronger. A great threat is coming soon."

Reward 25x Diamond Dragonite

The Sun-Touched Shimmerwing turns silent, as she concentrates on the battle ahead.


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