New to the game? No idea what's going on? Returning player? This guide will cover most of the things you need to know about Trove !

IntroductionTop ^

Welcome to Trove ! This is a guide for absolute newbies who have no idea how Trove works. I'm not an expert at it myself; I'm sure there are plenty of players who are more qualified than I am to write a guide, or who can write a better guide. I wouldn't say this guide is complete, do mention if I might have missed out something crucial for newbies. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this guide. Feedbacks are very much appreciated to improve this guide :)

Please note that you DO NOT have to follow my advices completely. Some expert players might disagree with my advice, but I'm advising based on my own personal experience of what I felt was comfortable for me. I will not only give my own advice, but will also give what other players would advice. I've spent a good amount of time on Trove enough to discuss about it with some players on the global chat. Also there will be some new changes coming up, it might take me awhile to update.

If you have any questions feel free to whisper me in game. IGN: Jinium
I'll help you as much as I can if I'm free.

Well, enough of that. Let's get right into it.

Abbreviations and TerminologiesTop ^

These are the abbreviations and terminologies that you will often encounter in your Trove experience. It's not unusual to encounter people who haven't heard of any of these abbreviations before. I will also use some of these in the guide, so feel free to refer if you forget any.

NOTE: I only include abbreviations here. Words like Stellar are under gears, but there are no abbreviations for it used in the game.


  • MR - Mastery Rank
  • PR - Power Rank
  • LF - Looking for
  • LFM - Looking for member
  • WTB - Want to buy
  • WTS - Want to sell
  • dD - Diamond Dragonite
  • DDE - Diamond Dragon Egg
  • /w - Whisper
  • DPS - Damage per second
  • CG - Class Gem
  • MF - Magic Find
  • DC - Dragon Coin

Shadow Tower

  • ST - Shadow Tower
  • NM - Normal Mode
  • HM - Hard Mode
  • UM - Ultra Mode
  • SW - Spike Walker
  • WP - Weeping Prophet
  • Pin or VPG - Vengeful Pinata God
  • DoTM - Daughter of The Moon

Gear/Gem Stats

  • PD - Physical Damage
  • MD - Magic Damage
  • AS - Attack Speed
  • CD - Critical Damage
  • CH - Critical Hit
  • MH - Maximum Health
  • %MH - % Maximum Health
  • HR - Health Regeneration
  • ER - Energy Regeneration
  • Stab - Stability
  • MS - Movement Speed


  • NN - Neon Ninja
  • SH - Shadow Hunter
  • PC - Pirate Captain
  • TR - Tomb Raider
  • GS - Gunslinger
  • Boomer - Boomeranger
  • LL - Lunar Lancer
  • DT - Dino Tamer
  • CB - Candy Barbarian
  • IS or Sage - Ice Sage
  • Draco - Dracolyte
  • Knight - Knight
  • Chloro - Chloromancer
  • Fae - Fae Trickster
  • Rev - Revenant


  • U1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - Uber 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Gear Tiers

  • S1/2/3/4/5 - Shadow Level 1/2/3/4/5
  • Rad - Radiant

Mastery Rank, Power Rank and Class SystemTop ^

Mastery Rank

There's nothing much to explain about Mastery Rank (MR). Basically, you gain MR points by collecting styles, fishing, levelling classes, etc. You get rewards along the way. As of today, you will unlock some of the game contents by MR20 such as trading and using the marketplace. The highest MR you can reach currently is 300 (those guys with yellow IGNs are MR300), however, you can still gain MR points that can accumulate up to an equivalent to MR 500 if the MR cap were to be increased (increasing soon by the end of the year). Your sigil also changes along the way. This link has the rewards you can get from MR 1 to MR 300:

Power Rank

Power Rank (PR) determines how strong you are. Sorta.. It depends on your stats at the same time. This is independent of level and majorly depends on the gems you have. The point of levelling is to unlock gem slots so you can equip more gems to gain more PR. Gears play about 15% of the entire 21k PR you can get. At the moment, you will be able to access everything in the game when you've reached 10,000 PR (such as UM PIN/DOTM and Uber-9). Gems play a very important role in increasing your PR. The more your PR, the higher your stats will be.
Your badge also changes as you climb up the PR ladder.

Sigils and Badges

Sigils and badges don't really do much besides letting people know what MR you are or what PR a particular class is. Sigils and badges are useful when it comes to STs to let people roughly guess your PR so they know whether you can contribute to the team or not. Otherwise, everyone would be lying about their own PR, hence jeopardizing the rate of completing the STs of the whole team.

Class System

Trove's class system is unlike any other RPGs. In regular RPGs, you can only have 1 class on 1 character; so if you wanted another class, you need to create a new character. In Trove, however, you are allowed to play ALL classes in ONE character. Simply hit J and a class changer will pop up, allowing you to change classes instantly. The maximum level you can reach for every class is Level 30. By level 30, you would have unlocked all the gem slots.

ClassesTop ^

The first thing you decide on Trove is to pick your first class. Now, this isn't really that big of a deal, but I would suggest choosing the right class. I picked the wrong class as my first, so I had a hard time climbing up the PR ladder. Don't worry about getting the other classes. You can obtain ALL classes by crafting them (will be explained later, not a concern for now).

First, you need to know that there is no "BEST OP CLASS". 'Best' is vague. For example, Neon Ninjas and Shadow Hunters are the 'best' dungeon crawlers. However, Gunslingers and Pirate Captains are the 'best' Shadow Tower DPS classes. Whereas for tanking, Revenant is the best at it.

Bottom line is, there are only good classes and meh~ classes. There's no ultimate class that outperforms every other. Most classes are good when equipping Class Gem (CG) It boils down to playstyle preference.

The classes below are listed from the most popular to the least popular (not DPS):
*NOTE: The first 6 are not in order because they are all good classes. Everyone plays them. Everyone's opinion differs when it comes to classes.

1. Neon Ninja (NN)

This class is popular for a reason. It's one of the best dungeon crawler, a farming machine. It clears dungeons really quickly with its backflip skill - it's an added advantage to reach the next dungeon really quickly. Also, the CG (will be explained later) gives a huge revamp to the class' DPS. Powerful end game class.

Class Gem: Heuristic Haxstar

2. Shadow Hunter (SH)

Shadow Hunters are only really powerful because of its drastic revamp of AS from its CG. The CG turns SH's normal attack into a minigun with 500% AS. If I'm not wrong, it's 12 shots per second. Its shadow mark gives an extra bonus dmg as well. A great dungeon crawler after NNs !

Class Gem:  Shadow Blitz

3. Gunslinger (GS)

Gunslingers are the most popular in STs alongside Pirate Captains. The CG boosts GS's ultimate, making it one of the top DPS. However, because the DPS depends on its ultimate, it makes it an inefficient dungeon farming class. Survivability on this class is pretty good, considering that its passive helps you stay afloat on the monsters, so they can't reach you unless they're ranged. Still better than some classes at farming though.

Class Gem:  Overcharged

4. Pirate Captain (PC)

Pirate Captains are also a very good ST class. This class' DPS depends a lot on its artillery summons. The good part about this is that you can summon up to 3 or 4 ultimates at once. That makes it a very very powerful ST DPS class. It's a pretty fun class to play !

Class Gem:  ARR-tillery

5. Candy Barbarian (CB)

A very good all-rounder. It can be an absolute DPS or an absolute tank. The ultimate heals players nearby yet gives an AS boost alongside that. With the AS boost combined with GS's ultimate, it's produces some of the highest DPS output. The CG makes the first skill pulls nearby enemies to you, making you a useful tank as well. So, high damage, healing + buffing abilities, pulling abilities. Pretty much makes it one of the best class I guess.

Class Gem:  Scoop n' Gloop

6. Chloromancer

IMO, underrated class. It was surprising to me that I was clearing dungeons faster than most of the other classes. Not bad at dps after all. However this class was designed to be a support class. Most of its skills are to heal other players and yourself. But at the same time the DPS was surprisingly good. But then again, it depends on the gears and gem I equipped. Maybe the other classes didn't have amazing stats.

Class Gem:  Green Gatling

7. Lunar Lancer (LL)

I included this picture ^ right up here to show what LL's passive looks like (left). What the passive does is that it turns you into a werewolf after a certain amount of hitting. Transforming into werewolf increases your movement speed, 50% reduced taken damage and 50% bonus dmg. LL is yet another good dungeon crawler class due to the bonus movement speed. The CG gives the ability to summon a shadow lancer to fight with you too. However the shadow lancer is very fragile. A chloromancer would be helpful in this case to keep it alive. In such situations, LL's DPS is maximized and can perform speedruns.

Class Gem:  Shadow Lancer

8. Dino Tamer (DT)

There's not much to this class. It's on the strong side, especially it's ultimate ability that dishes out some good damage. The first skill spawns a dinosaur to help you and you can spawn up to 4 dinosaurs at once, if you play it right. The CG revamps its ultimate ability.

Class Gem: Dino Time
                  Empowered Hunting Dart

9. Dracolyte

The image ^ shows Dracolyte's ultimate (right). It's an average class. Its ultimate skill turns you into a dragon. You can't fly in that dragon form tho. Equipping a CG allows it to spawn little dragonlings to fight for you. Chloromancer would be helpful to keep the babies alive.

Class Gem:  Burning Ward

10. Revenant

Ah.. the Revenant. One of the most interesting classes to me. This is the ultimate tank machine; underrated imo. Built to survive in a crowd of monsters. Its ultimate pulls enemies towards it and at the same time does little damage to the enemies while pulling. The ultimate also heals other players. Its right click bashes enemies in front of it and taunts them to attack it. Very useful tank in ST if needed, because it taunts all the enemies well. While attacking, it heals 2.2% of HP per hit from each monster. If you have a crowd of monsters, this guy will never die. It's passive death-defying immortality: Upon reaching 0 HP, you heal 30% of your Max HP + 50% DMG and summons a Spirit Wraith to fight for you. However, this passive has a 1 minute cool down. Its CG makes the taunt spammable, hence the ultimate tank machine. You can solo anything, but yeaaaaa it would take really really long..

The downside to this class is that its DPS is really low. You can Google up Slowolfe's guide on revenant. It's a good guide to make Revs DPS. However, its DMG output still would not be as good as the top DPS classes, but it places it right below them. Playing it hybrid health - damage is a bad idea. Given the skill set given to this class, might as well play it as a tank than as a DPS.

Class Gem: Aegis Assault

11. Boomeranger

A hybrid of melee and bow class, depending on which you like. It's a fun class to farm with, but not good for serious DPS, or tanking tasks. It's RNG based, because your skill gives you a random buff. Just an okay class. Unique, however.

Class Gem: Bawk-Bomb

12. Tomb Raiser (TR)

Players say it's a tanking MD class. If I could guess, it's because its skills gives it a damage reduction shield (90% less damage received). DPS is very minimal. Most of the gameplay is to summon minions and heal them.

Class Gem:  Beckon Banshee

13. Knight

I don't really have a problem with this class, except it being rather slow..

Class Gem: Spirit Squire

14. Ice Sage

Might dish out some good damage at the start, but at higher ubers, it does very little damage. I'd consider it a support class since its ultimate freezes enemies.

Class Gem:
Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.

gem"> Pain Freeze

15. Fae Trickster

I actually enjoyed playing this class. Not afraid to admit. It completed dungeons rather quickly. Its passive gives a 4.5x dmg output if not attacked. So that's low key OP. Pretty sure it's getting a revamp soon. It's right mouse buttons teleports fae in front, leaving a decoy behind that enemies will attack. However, equipping the Class Gem will alter that skill. The Class Gem makes the decoys head towards the enemy and explodes, stunning and damaging them.

Class Gem: Faerocious Facsimile

GearsTop ^

Your next concern would be gears. A lot of times in the steam discussions, I find posts saying "I can't find higher level equips ?". The thing about gears in Trove is that the highest level gear is Level 10. That's not a problem because the gear level doesn't determine how powerful that weapon is. In Trove, the strength of a gear depends on its rarity.

Here's the order of rarity from weak to the strongest along with its colours:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic 
  • Legendary 
  • Relic 
  • Resplendent
  • Shadow 1 to 5
  • Radiant 
  • Stellar 

First, you need to know that there's no variation in the amount of each stat given. For example, if a clean stellar melee gives 2000 PD, then everyone who has a clean stellar melee also gives the same 2000 PD. If a 5 star stellar staff gives 4000 MD, then ALL stellar staves gives 4000 MD as well. Same applies to hat and face.

Only the first stat of every equip is fixed, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stat varies. ALL Melees, Bows, Spears, has PD for the first stat. ALL Face and Hat gives MH for the first stat. ALL Guns and Staves gives MD for the first stat. Rings are an exception.

How do I get better gears ?

The higher the Uber you farm, the better the gear drop. Except radiant and stellar, that is. Radiant and Stellar drops solely depend on the amount of Magic Find (MF) that you have. I will explain that later. However you don't have to be in U9 to find radiant or stellar items. You can be in lower ubers as well. In theory, you can Radiant or Stellar drops in the lowest uber with 1MF. But that's damn near impossible. The first Stellar drops were reported to be around 800 ~ 1000 MF.

To hunt for Radiants and Stellars is no easy job. Instead of finding them, you can upgrade your weapons to Stellar ! Isn't that neat ? But it won't be easy, nor would it be cheap. Though, you can upgrade your weapon to Stellar. To do that you need a Shadow tier equip. If you upgrade a Resplendent tier equip, it will not upgrade to Shadow tier, but will stop upgrading at Resplendent 5 star. But if you use a Shadow tier equip, it will progress to Shadow 1,2,3,4,5 to Radiant to Stellar.

I would suggest against crafting a stellar, unless you're at 10K PR. If you don't have 10K PR, crafting a stellar will be a pain. It would be better to buy a good stellar for about 70k flux or lesser.
A clean stellar itself can give you 600 PR per equip, and 1014 PR each upon 5* 9p (5 star, 9 pearls a.k.a maxed out)

Don't worry about the order of stats. It doesn't make a difference if it's in the 2nd or 4th line. (To get a 4th stat on your equip you require to enchant your weapon at the Enchanted Forge using 1 Pearl of Wisdom. Recommended to use only your end game gear)

So how do I craft a Stellar gear ?

There are 2 ingredients you need:

1. 10 Shaper's Star (Untradeable)
2. 2  Forged Radiant Soul

Shaper's Star can be obtained at the Shores of Everdark. You require Shaper's Star Key to open the Everdark Vault to obtain Shaper's Star. At U8, you get 2 Shaper's Star per key. At U9, you get 3 Shaper's Star per key.

You can obtain Shaper's Star Key from the [item=Shadow Market] in Shadow Tower for 5 Titan Soul each. (See Shadow Tower section for more info)

Forged Radiant Soul can be obtained by loot collecting radiant equips.

As mentioned above, I suggested against crafting a stellar unless at 10K PR because of the amount of Shaper's Star you can receive.

Here's the math:

Assuming you are at 5,000 PR and spend on Shaper's Star Key;
You can obtain up to 22 Titan Soul per week. (See Shadow Tower section for this)
Each Shaper's Star Key = 5 Titan Soul, hence
You can get 4 Shaper's Star Key per week = 8 Shaper's Star per week. (U8)
You need 2 more Shaper's Star. So you have to wait 2 weeks to craft one stellar.

Note that you do not save money, but you waste time.
You could have 70k flux instead of buying Shaper's Star Key.

Assuming you are at 5,000 PR and didn't spend on Shaper's Star Key;
You can get 22 Titan Soul per week.
Each Titan's Treasure = 3 Titan Soul, hence
You can get 7 Titan's Treasure in a week.
If you sell 7 Titan's Treasure on the market for 10k each = 70k flux = A good Stellar equip

Assuming you are at 10,000 PR:
You can obtain up to 27 Titan Soul per week.
You can get 5 Shaper's Star Key. per week = 15 Shaper's Star. per week. (U9)

Your circumstances changes if your gears are already fully pearled at Radiant. It would be much more costlier to full pearl another stellar.
Might as well upgrade it if that's the case.

Gems and Gem BoostersTop ^

Gem Slots

You can hover your mouse above each gem slot to tell what level your class needs to be in order to unlock it.

What are gems?

Gems gives you extra stats and abilities.

First of all, you need to know that there are 3 kinds of gems. Empowered Gems (in the picture above, top blue), Lesser Gems, Class Gems. Each gem provides PR and 3 different stats that cannot be changed (stat reshuffle coming soon). The above shows a sample I took from Google, where all gem slots are unlocked.

Gems follow similar rarity as gears - except that there is no Shadow 2/3/4/5. Gears cannot be upgraded to higher rarities. Empowered Gems (empo gems for short) only comes in Radiant or Stellar, where 2 star empo Stellar provides 500 PR with 2 stats, whereas a 3 star empo Stellar provides 700 PR with 3 stats.

The gems at the top of the 3 triangles are known as Empowered Gems. These gems give special abilities that will help you by a little, may it be giving you a one-time hit shield every few seconds, stunning enemies, exploding enemies, etc. You can only equip 1 type per class. For example, only one Spirit Surge empowered gem can be equipped.

Lesser gems are the two smaller gems below each empo gem. Lesser gems don't provide much besides stats and PR.

Class Gems are special gems that alter your class abilities. They are considered empowered gems. They do not change your skills, they alter it. However you can only equip one class gem.

Where do I get them ?

You get them starting from Uber 1. As you go to higher ubers, the rarity of gems you obtain from lesser gem box also increases. At Uber 9 you will be getting lesser shadow gem boxes. Open them to get shadow gems as a common loot, radiant as uncommon, and stellar as a rare loot.

I just got a gem is it good ?

Uhh.. I don't really know how to tell, unless it's a stellar gem. The benchmark is often at stellar gems. The higher the PR when you obtained the gem, the higher the PR will be when it's maxed out.

A bad lesser stellar gem is when it's below 450 PR. An average lesser stellar gem is about 450 ~ 500 PR at level 1. A really good lesser stellar gem is 530 PR and above at level 1. There's a calculator for that to calculate the PR of a stellar gem at max level: However, PR isn't the only thing taken into account. The stats too, plays a role in how good a gem is. A 550 PR lesser gem with a stat like PD/HR/CH is trash.

For empo gems however, the best gem is 700 PR at level 1. Stat varies too, so take that into account.

Gem Boosters

Gem Boosters are the four things you see at the bottom of the Gems tab. Jade Clover, Glittering Horseshoe, Lapis Luckbug, and Ninth Life. I would recommend using:

Ninth Life are hard to come by. It is almost a guaranteed success. I recommended using for the last few levels for upgrading gems because you might even spend 20k dusts just to get from lv20 ~ lv21. However, you can craft them at the adventure crafting station using 25 Lapis Luckbug. Still not easy though.

My advice is that you should ALWAYS use gem boosters when upgrading gems to prevent cracking. Use Jade Clover if you must. You require Re-Gemerator if you gem cracks, and they require 500 cubits each. You can only get 500 cubits a day (considering you don't earn badges or gain MR or have patron activated).

Class GemTop ^

Okay, Class Gems (CG) deserve an entire new section here.

What are Class Gems ?

As mentioned, CGs are gems that alter the abilities of a class. For example, NN's CG alters it's passive that makes it throw one large shuriken with a larger damage area instead of 3 small shurikens in a small hit box. It alters SH's slow normal attack to a quick 500% AS minigun ! CGs are often a major revamp to a class. When people say a class is good, it's usually with the condition that the class has CG on. That affects the order of classes I listed above. Without class gems, most classes are dull and boring.

All CGs alter a specific class the same way. I remember meeting someone on Global chat who thought there are different kinds of alterations. But no, there is only one specific alteration for each class.

What does a Class Gem do to each class ?

This link has it all:

Do CGs drop as a specific element (water, air or fire gem) or a specific stat ?

Nah, the stats and element are random. Only the alteration of abilities are the same for all class gems. Since it's an empowered gem, it will be either 500 PR or 700 PR upon loot. However, you can't get MD stat CG on a PD class, and vice versa. If you get HR, welp.. just loot collect it I guess.. or use it for the time being. You can go get yourself another CG if you're not satisfied with what you have.

Okay okay ! I get it ! Now tell me where do I get them !

You can get CGs from U8's Shores of Everdark.
But wait... You can't just get it like that. There are requirements to be met.

1. You need the specific class to be at 5000 PR.
If you want a class gem for your NN, you can't use a 5,000 PR Candy Barbarian to get a CG for your NN.

2. You need a Class Gem Key.
Class gem key is used on the Everdark Vault in the dungeons of Shores of Everdark.

How do I get Class Gem Key ?

You can obtain a Class Gem Key, or Class Gem Key Fragment from Empowered Gem Box. You require 3 Class Gem Key Fragment to craft 1 Class Gem Key at the  Adventurer's Crafting Bench

Where can I get these Empowered Gem Box ?

You can obtain them by exchanging 1 Lunar Soul for 1 Empowered Gem Box at the Market in ST.

Geez... Where can I get Lunar Soul then ?

You can obtain Lunar Soul by completing STs, speicifically DoTM.

Gear/Gem Stats, Emblems, Ally, FlasksTop ^

What kind of stats can I have on my gear and gems ?

  • PD* - Physical Damage
  • MD* - Magic Damage
  • AS - Attack Speed
  • CD* - Critical Damage
  • CH* - Critical Hit
  • MH* - Maximum Health
  • %MH* - % Maximum Health
  • HR* - Health Regeneration
  • ER - Energy Regeneration
  • Stab - Stability
  • MS - Movement Speed
  • Jump

NOTE: Stats with an asterisk (*) can be on gems.

This link shows you the stats you can get on your gears

Is my gear good ?

Welp, if it has HR or Stability, yeahhhhh it sucks.. You can reshuffle your stats though. Head on to the Chaos Forge and reshuffle the 3rd and 4th stat ! You can't reshuffle the first and second stat unless there is an event for it. If HR or Stab is the 3rd or 4th stat, well you're in good luck ! You require one Tentacle of Q'bthulhu per shuffle. Shuffle as many times as you want !

This is why stellar gears with CD as a second stat are so expensive. This is because all of the classes require CD, so if you have a fully maxed out stellar gear, you can share it with other classes. If you have other stats for a second stat, you might find it difficult sharing with certain classes. For example if your second stat is AS, classes such as SH or LL completely neglects AS. AS does not affect a SH with CG equipped, and LL depends on it's animation time spamming Crescent Combo skill.

So what kind of stats should I have for my gear ?

Thankfully, someone else has this posted online. Saves me a lot of time

However, note that you should only take this as a guide, not something you should follow 100%. Your circumstances are different in endgame (around 15k PR). For example, the doc provided stats that all classes should equip the Surestrike Emblem that provides 20% CH for 10 seconds. At endgame however, you might find that you have enough CH, and think you're better off equipping some other emblems, that's fine. The doc also says Revenant is better to equip surestrike. That is good if you're farming dungeons, but if you're on a tanking role in ST, swap it out with Vampiric Emblem (lifesteal). So weigh out your circumstances.

Again, the google doc itself states that the gem stats are just suggestions.

Shadow TowerTop ^

Shadow Tower is a tower consisting of 3 difficulties.

  • Normal Mode (NM)
  • Hard Mode (HM)
  • Ultra Mode (UM)

Each mode has the same 4 bosses

  • Spike Walker (SW)
  • Weeping Prophet (WP)
  • Vengeful Pinata God (Pin)
  • Daughter of The Moon (DoTM)

There are rewards when completing STs as well. At the end of every ST, there's a vault which you can open. You require specific keys to open these vaults. These vaults contains shadow shards and shadow caches, and about 8 gears. For NM, you require Shadow Key to open the Shadow Vault. For HM, you require Moon Key to open the Moon Vault. For UM, you require Eclipse Key to open the Eclipse Vault. The amount of shadow cache and shards are dependent on the difficulty of the ST. The harder the difficulty, the more the drops. Amount of gear drops are fixed to 8 loots.

Titan Souls and Lunar Souls

Normal Mode
1 Titan Soul each from SW/WP/Pin
1 Lunar Soul from DoTM

Hard Mode
3 Titan Soul each from SW/WP/Pin
2 Lunar Soul from DoTM

Ultra Mode
5 Titan Soul each from SW/WP/Pin
3 Lunar Soul from DoTM

Here are the things you can get from : (Click Expand)

PR Requirements

Normal Mode
SW/WP (U2): 400 PR
PIN/DOTM (U3): 900 PR

Hard Mode
SW/WP (U6): 1,200 PR
PIN/DOTM (U7): 2,500 PR

Ultra Mode
SW/WP (U8): 5,000 PR
PIN/DOTM (U9): 10,000 PR

However, these are only the requirements. It will be hard to solo even if you just barely pass the requirements. You can type "/join st" without the inverted commas in chat to join the ST channel where everyone is LF a team to join to or LFM.

Making FluxTop ^

Ahh.. Flux.. The currency of the game. Let me begin first by saying that there is no 'best' way to make flux. There are so many ways you can earn flux. It's all about maximising the time to earn. Most people would recommend market flipping, which is the equivalent to playing stocks on the market: buy low, sell high. Here, I will talk about ways that I find profitable.

Market Flipping

I'll begin with this one first, since it's a popular advice. There is a fine line between market flipping and market manipulation (being a prick). Market flipping is when you buy items at a low price and selling them when the price naturally increases (usually due to event). Market manipulation is when you buy half the entire market and immediately sell it at a high price, forcing the price up. Market manipulation is bad, and a stupid idea. I know an idiot who tried to manipulate the pearl market, buying dozens of pearls for 10k and then placing it at 15k flux. However his attempts fail as the supply for pearls during the event was high (lots of Chaos Chests were given out by the event). People wanted to sell them so eventually people kept pricing their own pearls lower until he gave up selling them at 15k flux. *He was a club member who was bragging about it

No doubt market flipping is effective in flux generation, however it requires patience. You will also need to be aware of coming events that will affect pricing of items in the market, and act quick.

Shard Farming

There are two kinds of shards that you can farm. Shadow Shard, and Radiant Shard. You can obtain Shadow Shard from ST, and Radiant Shard in the Sky Realm. The requirement to enter Sky Realm is 900 PR. I'd advice farming them on Fridays as it's +100% (x2) more. Though it may be a little boring, you can sell 9999 Radiant Shard for 50k flux on certain weeks. I think it would take me a little over 2 hours to get 9999 Radiant Shard..


Not as efficient as the first two methods, but definitely faster than Harvesting crops. Mine on Tuesdays for +100% ores. Keep the Miner's Trove boxes, and sell them during Boxes Opened weekly contest.

Shadow Tower's Titan's Treasure

Well, this one can only be done once a week. Trade 3 of your Titan Soul for 1 Titan's Treasure. You can sell Titan's Treasure or open it. I personally sell my Titan's Treasure for about 10,000 flux each because of my bad luck.

Dungeon Farming

This is a secret I'd hate to admit, but I often farm only at Fae Wilds to farm Faerie Dust. This is because it's easy to get them, about 1 or 2 per dungeon. It's fine for me because I'm a massive grinder for XP. Also for endgame players with high MF, they hunt for stellars that can be sold for 30k each. They'd earn 120k flux or more on a good day.

Harvesting Crops

I don't do this often, it's too slow for me. But on Mondays you get +20% gain from harvesting resources. If not gardening, I'd advice running around Jurassic Jungle for Meteorite Fragment. Those little blue things sell for a lot !

DragonsTop ^

How do I get a dragon ?

Woahhh.. Hold your horses. You first need to know how to get Dragon Coin (DCs). There's not much to explain, just complete the hourly challenges to obtain them DCs. However you need a lot of DCs to craft a dragon. You not only need enough DCs, but you need the materials as well. Ludini, Patron of Playfulness requires the least amount of DCs to be crafted: 200 DCs. However, you require 5 to craft it. 1 costs 130k each on the market as of the day I am writing this.

Types of Dragons

There are 3 types of dragons. Primordial Dragons, Soul Dragons, Egg Dragons. Primordial Dragons require Diamond Dragon Egg (DDE) to be crafted, Soul dragons require you to consume souls to obtain them, while egg dragons require eggs to craft them.

Dragons are a great mount. They fly, they can shoot and they give you a little extra stats with 50 MF ! Except Ludini, Patron of Playfulness which gives 100 MF instead of 50 MF. Only the legendary ones shoot though. There are a total of 25 legendary dragons. Dragons that require eggs are considered legendary dragons. For dragons that requires souls however, you require 100 souls (400 DCs) for some, or 90 souls (360 DCs). In Azorian the Blue case, 30 souls (300 DCs) for the legendary dragon and +10 souls for the buffs.

You can hit the Y button > Badges > Dragons to check for all the dragons that require souls and check for the amount of souls you have consumed.
Hit Y > Travel > Dragons for the other legendary dragons and the stats they provide.
Or else, you can head to:

A dragon that requires eggs provide a total of 250 MR points, where as dragons that require souls provide more MR points (about 600 MR points).

Dracocolatl, Flakbeard, and Thallasion

These 3 dragons are egg dragons. However, you can obtain their eggs by hunting for the specific dragons in specific biomes. You need a total of 50 egg fragments to craft each dragon.

Primordial Dragons

There are also the 3 Primordial Dragons.

1 Primordial Dragon to represent 1 Gem element. For the element they represent, they boost the PR (and stats) of that element by 10%.
These Primordial Dragons require 1 DDE, which requires 400 Diamond Dragonite (dD) to be crafted. You obtain dDs as a daily login reward. The amount of dDs you get depends on the total PR.

  • 5,000+ total PR = 1 Diamond Dragonite a day
  • 25,000+ total PR = 2 Diamond Dragonite a day
  • 75,000+ total PR = 3 Diamond Dragonite a day
  • 150,000+ total PR = 4 Diamond Dragonite a day
  • 250,000+ total PR = 5 Diamond Dragonite a day

You also require 100,000 flux and 4,000 gem dusts of the gem element it represents to craft it.

Where do I craft them ?

You can craft them at the Hub where the huge Dragon statue is. Head under and go to the Dragon Crucible. You can also use a club's Dragon Crucible if the club has one.

Weekly Contests

Weekly Contests are a good way to earn some gem boosters and also to earn an Empowered Gem Box. To participate just hit K and click on the Weekly Contest tab. You don't need to do anything to participate as every player are automatically participating.

ClubsTop ^

Clubs are fun. A very interesting concept. One that I couldn't grasp when I first started out Trove. It sounded lame at first, but I had to join one to understand what Clubs are in Trove. I've only played in RPGs where guilds and clans exists, so I thought Clubs worked the same way, but no.

In Trove, Club has a similar feature as guilds and clans, but with an extra feature: A world for the club where members can hangout like a personal hub. In a club, the leaders and architect build the world. Some clubs allows members to build as well. You can expand your creativity. It's like little community of its own !

Join a club, you will understand what I mean ! Just go to global and say "Looking for a club to join !". There are a lot of friendly clubs out there. From my experience, the smaller the club, the friendlier the leaders are. Established clubs have a lot of members, so their leaders seldom have a good relationship with some members.

You can even start your own club, but it won't be cheap. You require 200 Golden Soul and 25,000 flux. The expensive part is getting the Golden Soul. So pool some flux with some of your friends and build your own club world !

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Hey, the guide is nice except it is Old.

Shadow Towers is Crap and only for getting badges and accessing shadowy market.

Nothing about Geode, Gardening, Delves etc.

But a GREAT GUIDE though

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hey could you make an updated version  


I might get back into it :) Sometime by the end of the year. I heard a lot has changed.

I would also like to add that you can spend 750 Cubits for 5 Dragon Coins in the Store(N) under the Dragons Tab as an alternative way to get DC.

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Could we get an updated version?


I might get back to it. A lot has changed in 3 years so I have a lot of catching up to do!

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Sehr toller leitfaden aber du hast bestimmte dinge nicht genannt wie der Gralshüter ist eine klasse. Im st wurde der Schatten Hydrakken und der Darknik Kampfkoloss nicht genannt.


Danke für die Rückmeldung. Leider, ich habe seit ein paar Jahren nicht mehr gespielt.

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Really Nice Guide :D It Helped My Friends A Lot

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Nice job on the explaining almost everything in Trove, just put in the shadow tower section, Daranik Dreadnought and the Hydraken

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Thanks for this amazing guide. ♥
I use it as a reference almost every time I need information about something if I can't find it on the wiki.

I do have one question though, if you still view and update your guide, are Titan Treasures still worth spending our Titan Souls on for Flux since they were "nerfed" some time ago?

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Credit to you for helping me build this:

also YOU ARE AWESOME, I almost manipulated the whole market place if you didn't tell me the difference between market flipping and manipulating I would've manipulated  the whole market. I thought I was going to flip it.

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Shouldn't Lunar Lancer be above Chloromancer?

lordfafy would agree.

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