Flakbeard, the Relentless

Still has chunks of cannonball stuck to his beard from the last time someone tried to shoot him down. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +10% Critical Damage, +1000 Max Health and +50 Magic Find.

Themes: Isles

Designed by: SkyRider3217 250 Trove Mastery 30 Power Rank


Flakbeard, the Relentless has the following effects:


  • 90 Movement Speed


  • 95 Movement Speed
  • 100 Glide

Last updated 2 years ago +/-

  • +10% Critical Damage
  • +1000 Max Health
  • +50 Magic Find


  • 90 Movement Speed


  • 95 Movement Speed
  • 100 Glide

? Mount allows the player to move quickly on land.

? Wings allow the player to glide through the air.

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Flakbeard, the Relentless in the following methods:

Crafted using the following recipes:

Unlocked from the following unlockers:

Golden Dragon Effigy

Unlocks a random Legendary Dragon you don't already have unlocked. Does not include Ancestral or Primordial Dragons.

Draconic Superiority Complex

You have won an entire air force! Use to unlock 15 mighty dragons: Erel, Yorinn, Erimatra, Selene, Panatea, Ludini, Fortras, Albairn, Dracocolatl, Thallasion, Flakbeard, Drak-O-Lantern, Inora, Tysorion, and Tannenbomber.

Other methods to obtain:

Crafted at the Dragon Crucible using Pirate Dragon Egg Fragments.

Fragments are obtained by defeating Flakbeard as a wandering npc in the Treasures Isles biomes of Uber Adventure worlds. Also spawns a lair very rarely in Drowned Worlds.

Required items:

Additional Information

Hang onto your booty, Trovians – Flakbeard the Relentless is here! This legendary dragon is a seadog at heart, looking to send landlubbers to Davy Jones’ Locker!

Find Flakbeard wandering in the Treasure Isles biomes of Uber Adventure worlds. He spawns in the open world very rarely, so you can also head to Drowned Worlds to seek out his lair to take him down.

The higher the difficulty of the world in which you find him, the more Pirate Dragon Egg Fragments you’ll receive when you scuttle this scurvy dog.

Once you’ve collected all the right materials you’ll be able to craft your very own Flakbeard at the Dragon Crucible in the Hub.

You also have a very rare chance to find a complete Pirate Dragon Egg from Greater Dragon Caches!

Take this fight under the sea and if you find a Pirate Dragon Egg, never let it go.

Announcement: http://www.trionworlds.com/trove/2017/01/17/flakbeard/ 

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thats awesome


Created: 5 years ago

Imported in Patch: Faster Fish and Double Dragon

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