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Fast ways to farm flux

you will see fpu in a lot of ways; fpu means flux per unit;

fs means flux solo

credit to the maker of this: https://trovesaurus.com/page=2396/the-ultimate-trove-guide for making number XII a thing


  1. Farm radiant shards then sell them for 5 flux per unit
  2. Sell forge shadow souls
  3. sell shadow shards (5-10 fpu)
  4. farm water dragon eggs and loot collect them.
  5. Farm ores and sell them (shapestone: 3-5, formicite: 5-7, infinium:7-10, flames, 9-12)
  6. farm the dungeons in medieval highlands and fae wilds, there are some dungeons have a lot of flowers in it, farm them for bombs and (optional: go in for maybe a chaos chest) sell the bombs for about 60 fpu or 600 for solo bombs
  7. ^ but get glim and sell that for 1 fpu (100 glim = 100 flux: 99999 glim = 99999 flux)
  8. get stuff for crafting dragons (mainly the robot salvage and golden souls) and sell it for about 6 fpu or 200 fs (6-9 for the salvage and gold souls with 300-400 fs; faery dust is also 600 fs and about 10 fpu )
  9. Get a tome (preferably eye encyclopedia or tentacle tract) and sell the dropping (5 fpu/ 200 fs for eyes and 50-150 fpu/300 fs for tentacles)
  10. hearts of darkness (farm shadow towers/st) because people due to the update tend to sell hearts for more so either sell em now or wait for update and take chance for even higher prices or the prices drop
  11. forgot by the most pros but the best for starters is farm SUNLIGHT BULBS/SB. Due to update sb are not super easy to find but if you farm novice a peaceful hills will be close to you. Sell sb for 5-6 fpu or 200 fs
  12. Market flipping (credit to the maker of this:https://trovesaurus.com/page=2396/the-ultimate-trove-guide)   is a good way but not market manipulation the differents is that flipping is actually buy some of the market and sell it back for higher prices WHEN a certain event happens to naturally make the prices rise (it requires patients but good); market manipulation is when you buy half the market (or a ton) and sell it immediately forcing the price up (tons of flux and credits/cubits used and costs all the flux you put into it if a failed attempt)


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