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Posted May 15, 2017 by Etaew and viewed 1,849 times.

To celebrate the cakeday of the community modder B_Y3LL0W, we are hosting an art contest for the next two weeks. We are asking Trove artists to draw some Trove related fan art relating to him.


  • Create some fan art representing B_Y3LL0W in the context of Trove
  • Submit your entries to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Community Draws B_Y3LL0W 

All work must be your own, and we encourage you to sign your character name on the entries.

As we would like you to make a reasonable amount of effort, stick figure entries in MS Paint are not permitted, neither are photoshopped images from the internet.


  • Monday, May 15, 2017 to Monday, May 29, 2017


This contest lasts for 2 weeks, so the reward base will be 2.

  • At least 2 winners selected by B_Y3LL0W will receive 3x Reward Tokens
  • At least 4 winners selected by B_Y3LL0W will receive 2x Reward Tokens
  • At least 8 entries selected at random will receive 1x Reward Token


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