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Game Changes for Returning Players Guides

Posted July 11, 2016 by SkyRider3217 (PC) and viewed 4,201 times.


We've put together a timeline of major game changes for returning players to help people get re-orientated with the game. It's also nice to highlight the pace of development and just how far the game has come in a short time.

If you think something is missing and it should be here, let us know.


April 2017

  • Depth Charge
    • All-new objective chain that grants Minerbot Qubesly ally.
    • Credit pouches are now automatically consumed when purchased from the player marketplace.
    • Credit pouches can now only be listed in the marketplace and not traded in other locations.
    • Target Destruction minigame support added.
    • Cooldown on dodge is now 1.8 seconds.
    • 25 new costumes to the Chaos Core Crafter.

March 2017

  • St. Qubeslick's Day!
    • All-new objective chain that grants St. Qubeslick ally.
    • Collect Tentacle Slices to craft the Tranquil Tentacle ally.
    • Price changes to items in the Store.
    • Credit Pouches purchasabe and can be traded in the Marketplace.
    • Radiant Soveregins added as a bonus for credit purchases; can be used at the Radiant Merchant to trade for goodies.
    • Limited time offers (Flash Deals) available for Credits.
    • Packs converted from real money to credit purchases (does not include Essencial and Double Dragon packs).
    • Items purchased from store cannot be traded.
    • Brazilian/Portuguese is now Live.
    • The lower stat value for all minor gems has been increased by 30%!
    • Gems no longer can be found with only one stat, instead only spawning with 2 or 3 stats.
    • Llama Talisman can drop in Adventure Worlds, used to craft Llamas.
    • Corgi, Meownt, Shmeep, and Centaur Tallismans drop instead of mounts; mounts can be loot collected to talismans.

February 2017

  • The Patch with No Name
    • Music blocks, Mounts, Mag Riders, Wings, and Ships now work in the metaforge.
    • Grants players 100 jump while in the metaforge.
  • Valentines Day
    • All-new objective chain that grants Amorous Archer costume.
    • Heart Eater and Rosy Ravisher craftable in the Chaos Core Crafter.
    • Portuguese is now in Beta.

January 2017

  • Join the Party - Part 3
    • Griffon Talisman can drop in Cursed Skylands, used to craft Griffons
    • Refer a friend dragon now grants Power Rank and has stats
  • Flakbeard
    • Flakbeard dragon can be found in Treasure Isles


December 2016

  • Snowfest / Get Crafty
    • Chaos Chests can now drop when adventuring
    • Chaos Chests can contain Chaos Cores which can be used at the Chaos Core crafter to unlock classes, costumes and more
    • Crafting Materials now go to their own inventory tab
    • Racing and Coin Collect minigame support added
  • Join the Party Part 2!
    • Added craftable Special Effect blocks

November 2016

  • Join the Party!
    • Pinata invaders that drop coins
    • Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents dragon added
    • Mastery rewards no longer apply to alpha and certain promo items

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

  • Prehistoric Preview
    • Dino Tamer class added
  • Daily Loot
    • Unsocketing gems now cost Cubits instead of Flux
    • Daily Loot chests added
    • Class Contests for the first few tiers now reward based on Power Rank not rating

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

  • Mantle of Power Expansion Launch
    • Weekly contest leaderboards and rewards
  • Mantle of Power
    • Increased Max Level to 30
    • Added Gems as new equipment for your character
    • New elemental types of adventure worlds
    • Ultra difficulty added to Shadow Tower
    • New Stellar gear level
    • Added preview to terraformers
    • Ranged attacks deal some AOE damage now

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016


December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

  • Welcoming Edition
    • Welcome screen added to the game, displays current daily bonus and news
    • Added daily bonuses that rotate
    • Video settings added: LOD, FOV, Bloom, Depth of Field, SSAO.
  • Blitz and Glitz Edition
    • Hotbar and star bar UI style updated

March 2015

  • Fish 'N' Ships Update
    • New Class - Pirate Captain
    • New transport - Ships
    • New biome - Treasure Isles
    • New activity - Fishing
  • Chaos Factor Edition
    • Chaos Factor, players at max mastery ranks can gain free chaos chests when logging in.
  • Cookiephant Edition
    • Players have 2 jump by default
    • Added pirate store to hub
    • /clearcornerstone added to reset cornerstone, items within it will not be refunded
    • Recipe lairs only spawn in U1 adventure worlds and above
  • Spring Edition
    • New tutorial world added - can access with /tutorial

February 2015

  • Everything Edition
    • Hidden face and hidden hat appearances can be selected instead of using a command
    • Liked Worlds screen on the menu or Y
    • Club logs can be accessed with /club log *clubname*
  • Take Flight Update
    • New class - Shadow Hunter
    • New area - Sky Realms
    • New transport - Wings
    • New profession - Runecrafting
    • Added emotes
    • Several character slots are class specific
  • Do Not Disturb Edition
    • /dnd do not disturb mode

January 2015


December 2014

  • Epic Snow and Ice Edition
    • New class - Ice Sage
    • Class levels are increased by each two star stat on equipped shadow equipment up to a max of 40.
  • Flask Edition
    • Flasks customizations on store, change behavior and size of flask.

November 2014

October 2014

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014

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