Sporty StackTrove Pack

100 3000 Credits 30 Credits per Mastery

Released on September 15th 2020, available till October 30th 2020.




  • 90 Movement Speed


Go Go Golf Cart


  • 90 Movement Speed



+50% Crystal Gathering Potion x10

Increases Crystal and Shadow Shard Gathering from all sources by 50% for the next hour!

Crafted at the Crystology Workbench.

Chaos Chest x20

Open for crafting materials, Chaos Cores, and rare collectibles.

The featured rare collectibles change weekly.

Greater Dragon Cache x20

Contains 10 or more Dragon Coins, and rarely a complete dragon!

Gem Booster Box x20

Open for Gem Dust, Boosters (Jade Clovers, Glittering Horseshoes, Lapis Luckbugs), Augment Materials (Binding Darkness), Golden Gem Keys, or rarely an Empowered Gem Box or Ninth Life booster.

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