Polyphony of Love

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Lovely usage of the multiple pink shades of colour on this one, nice to see another valentines themed model.

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Quick TMOD

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Author: SkyTheVirus

Tags: Costume

Notes: Makes the lvl 10 bard costume Valentine themed

Mod FilesShow

  • blueprint 22+
    • c_p_bard_basic_ult
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_cloak_01
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_cloak_02
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_foot_l
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_foot_r
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_hand_l
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_hand_r
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_hips
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_lute
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_lutestring_01
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_lutestring_02
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_lutestring_03
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_shin_l
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_shin_r
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_shoulder_l
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_shoulder_r
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_thigh_l
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_thigh_r
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_torso
    • c_p_bard_lvl2_ui
    • equipment_helm_bard_lvl2
    • equipment_weapon_fist_003
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Created: June 3, 2021

Submitted: June 3, 2021

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 744

Downloads: 20

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