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St. Qubeslick 2020 - Art Challenge

This art challenge we would like to encourage our artist community to create fanart based on the St. Qubeslick 2020 event or the general St. Qubeslick theme.

Etaew March 10, 2020 0 4

Best Buddies

#Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest

Featured Art Comments:

"I will protect it" - Tauf
"I want to see it grow up healthy" - Meowser
"I want to tell my friends and neighbors about it" - entity
"Wow" - Phantasie
"As Phantasie said "wow"" - Tynaut
"Best buddies is best, I shared with my buddies." - Mobi

Avalon's Playtimes


Featured Art Comments:

"So playful and cute <3" - Meowser
"Looking at this like Avalon is looking at that 4 leaf clover. Adorable Avalon artwork!" - Mobi



Featured Art Comments:

"The shading on this is absolutely incredible. This feels like it should be in a children's book." - Meowser
"I love the pose!" - Tauf
"The rendering is so nice and soft, on those clovers especially! What a lovely piece." - entity
"I would totally print this out right now, frame it, and hang it on my wall. Love the brush quality." - Tynaut
"So clever with the clovers and captured such a lovely moment." - Mobi

Bringing luck


Featured Art Comments:

"The lighting in this is incredible and I love all of the details in the wings" - Meowser
"Absolutely majestical Avalon art, thanks for sharing with us." - Mobi

Morning, Avalon


Featured Art Comments:

"This is fantastic. A quiet calm before the storm. I adore the little frog on his shoulder too." - Meowser
"So stylistic and quite the magical St. Qubeslick for sure." - Mobi

St Qubeslick


Featured Art Comments:

"This is so powerful! I love the fantasy and the detail on the rainbow wings and the gryphon!" - Meowser
"Amazing drawing showcasing everything magical about St. Qubeslick. Thanks for sharing!" - Mobi
"My favorite part about this is the leprechaun bat fae trickster (?) dressed for autumn; but also I love that everywhere I zoom there is more interesting detail to behold" - Mr. E.

Clover Lover


Featured Art Comments:

"I love the expressions. You always kill it." - Meowser
"Always love anything mau5head!" - Tynaut
"OMG love this style and artwork. So creative and fun!" - Mobi

St. Qubeslic 2020 Pixelart


Featured Art Comments:

"Really great job capturing Lanci and Squatty on such a small scale <3" - Meowser
"Making good use of such little real estate is what makes pixel art shine, this included. Nice job!" - entity
"Perfect idea to add pixel art for this event, great work!" - Mobi

The Clover Mages

[Deleted User]

Featured Art Comments:

"Back to back against the oncoming hordes, who else will defend the castle if not for the brave trickster and slinger duo!" - Meowser
"Awesome art with these buds back to back, hope to see more of your great work!" - Mobi

Lucky Campers


Featured Art Comments:

"I absolutely adore the linework you did. It looks like its in game!" - Meowser
"What a lucky group of lads waiting by the campfire, good job!" - Mobi
"really cute" - Mr E.

A Shamrockin' Pinata in search of a lucky clover


Featured Art Comments:

"Totally shamrockin' it over here, well done." - Mobi