Best Buddies

by dustystorm category Render Highlight

Featured Art Comments:

"I will protect it" - Tauf
"I want to see it grow up healthy" - Meowser
"I want to tell my friends and neighbors about it" - entity
"Wow" - Phantasie
"As Phantasie said "wow"" - Tynaut
"Best buddies is best, I shared with my buddies." - Mobi

Entered into the following art challenge:

St. Qubeslick 2020 - Art Challenge
Mar 10 to Mar 24, 2020

Created: 2 years ago

Views: 1543

Type: image/jpeg

Dimensions: 1100x1400

Size: 70KB

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I love this so much it made me tear up a little. I want to tell my friends and neighbors about it and I will hug it and pet it and give it a butterscotch candy like I'm an old grandma. I love this!!

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omg i love this!

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This little guy is really cute :)