Cubic cosmonaut correct helmet

[Hat] [Geode Topside]

7 months ago

by Cicasajt Home Files

the helmet it should have came with. the tmod had 2 helmets and the one they released was like 2 slots higher in the styles...

shameful overlook

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Hey :) I was about to write a note that since helmets are officially part of Creations now i would be happy to approve this one too, but it would seem it already exists in game files as equipment_helm_adventurer_astronaut_02[cicasajt].blueprint so its just the matter of them enabling it in game. 


At the moment you can submit helmets just fine as mods even separately, didnt think of it, sorry. May be she meant this?

They are not part of Creations because they do not have any strict guidelines or dimensions so it would be hard to judge them from the points other creations are judged.

*edit, also, the Troxel model missing attachment point, hope the blueprint itself has it


Meowser suggested to post it to trovesaurus. and why arent helmets part of it? its been such a long run and helmets are so common, yet they arent acceptable. 

they are just full head hats, and hats are acceptable.

Hey there, replied to you on Discord but to make it clear, full Helmets are not a style that can be accepted at Creations, im sorry.

If a dev team doesnt want to replace in-game yellow helmet with this one, may be make a cosmonaut costume for the other class with this black helmet and have them accept that?







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