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Reupload of my creation that got accepted on the subreddit a long time ago of a bug zapper themed pistol style. https://www.reddit.com/r/TroveCreations/comments/3pevrj/pistol_the_bugkiller/ IGN: Therrad




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This Creation was Approved by Creation Moderators and is waiting to be considered by Trove Developers for Acceptance.


Bugzapper status has been set to Approved

Ylva 1 week ago

Bugzapper status has been set to Needs Review

Therrad 2 weeks ago

Bugzapper status has been set to Active

Ylva 2 weeks ago

Bugzapper status has been set to Needs Review

Therrad 2 weeks ago

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Oh sorry, totally forgot to mention this in a reply to the Creation.

Please make sure to update your nickname on the Website if you do change it in game! Developers accept creations and send rewards for them to the name that the account has at the time of acceptance. The name on the creation would also be same that account has at the moment of Acceptance, meaning if your blueprint has one name, but account has different name - the blueprint name will get updated to match the account name.

I dont think there has ever been the case of changing the authors name on creation after it got in game (live PC) though.

Since we just had a wave of acceptances, i would not expect any creations to get accepted within the next few months. Meaning, please dont worry about having to get that rename tag asap :)

Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva September,17 2022 13:32

Hello again!

Thank you for fixing that metal mapping on the glassy scope :) 

There seems to be a rogue alpha map on parts of the gun that are not mapped on Type as any kind of glass? Alpha is only needed for glass blocks, it wont add any transparency to solid blocks, and since those are all mapped Metal im assuming they are not meant to be glass.

Im going to approve this one (without those extra blocks on alpha), hope this time around your design actually makes its way in to the game.

For the future occasions, please keep in mind that uploaded blueprint needs to be named according to a pattern of styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint, which in your case would be pistol_bugzapper[Therrad].blueprint , gun_ works just as fine, but there does need to be a mention of the Type. Dont worry, on this creation the blueprint is already renamed.


Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Therrad September,13 2022 00:40


Alright, I have fixed it (or so I hope). I have checked all pistol styles in the game and I do not see this one, so I think that it wasn't added. But I may have missed it, as there are a ton of pistol styles. Also my IGN is still Therrad, I plan on changing it to AzureShark (if its available) so should I wait until my name is changed?
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva September,12 2022 11:48

Hello! Always good to see creators return :)

The gun looks alright, but i do have to ask - are you absolutely sure that this creation did not get in game? Styles were getting in pretty frequently when Kungfuquickness was around. Have you been using the same in-game name back then? Please let me know so i could check the files.

Also, the two glass blocks seem to be also mapped on Specular map as Metal. Trove does not know how to render 'transparent metal' or 'glowing iridescent' or any other combination of Type+Specular maps. If voxel is specified as something other than Rough on Specular - it can not be anything but default on Type. Other way around works the same way - if you mapped a voxel as Glass on Type, it can only be Rough on Specular. 

The visual Material Maps guide from the wiki is a bit misleading in terms of Mapping, but you can always use Troxel Lint and Export function to double check. I would need you to update the Troxel link and the blueprint to use proper mapping before i could approve this one.

Im going to change the status of your creation to Active for now. Set it back to Needs Review if you upload changes to the model. If you would rather create something completely different - set the status of this one to Draft, it will free up a Creation Slot for something else. 

In any case, good luck!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Therrad September,12 2022 07:01