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Commented on Bugzapper Pistol creation

Hello again!

Thank you for fixing that metal mapping on the glassy scope :) 

There seems to be a rogue alpha map on parts of the gun that are not mapped on Type as any kind of glass? Alpha is only needed for glass blocks, it wont add any transparency to solid blocks, and since those are all mapped Metal im assuming they are not meant to be glass.

Im going to approve this one (without those extra blocks on alpha), hope this time around your design actually makes its way in to the game.

For the future occasions, please keep in mind that uploaded blueprint needs to be named according to a pattern of styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint, which in your case would be pistol_bugzapper[Therrad].blueprint , gun_ works just as fine, but there does need to be a mention of the Type. Dont worry, on this creation the blueprint is already renamed.