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4 weeks ago

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Colors match Ice Sage costume [Sakura Sage]. I made this staff, because the costume never got a matching weapon.

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Creation Status Changed to Draft
by 0sita March 23, 2021


next time I will give the link to the mod - it uses this pilgrim stuff XD and it is brown. i knew it will not go live and has to stay as a mod forever.

Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva February 11, 2021


I really like the simple but elegant design of this staff! Everything is correct and on point.

I was about to approve it but someone reminded me about an in-game style called Pilgrim's Walking Staff which looks very close to your design, uses same color pallet and fits that Sakura Sage costume. I totally forgot it exists, sorry :(

I have to set your creation to Active, but may be you could come up with some other sakura-themed staff design? If you do that, feel free to update this post and set it back to Needs Review. If you would rather post something completely different, set status of this one to Draft, it will free up a creation slot.

In any case, good luck!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by 0sita February 5, 2021






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0sita 4 weeks ago

0sita's Staff Sakura status has been set to Active

Ylva 2 months ago

0sita's Staff Sakura status has been set to Needs Review

0sita 2 months ago