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Oh i see. Sorry, i havnt played any Final Fantasy so i didnt see the reference. The reason why we dont have (and likely wont have) a good looking Gunblade or any other close copy of iconic weapons from other games is because if we did, the developers/publishes/other people with rights of that game/movie/etc could complain that Trove is stealing their intellectual property. We do have some recognizable things but they are usually quite far from the origin.

For example, if that gunblade-shaped sword was colored to fit Sunseeker theme (blue, white, gold, glowing cyan) or Candoria (frosting, gumdrops and cookie colors) it could pass. Although in that case i will be yet another unsatisfying Lionheart Gunblade :)

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by Kive10 September 14, 2020


Considering that this is already the final Design after like 3 or so reworks, i do not think that i'll fundamentaly change it, but instead keep (as i was doing since 4 years ago when i made this) using it as a selfmade mod.

The thing that (as an FF8 fanboy) bugs me the most, is that there is no satisfactory looking Gunblade style in the game, but since they are essentially all "plain swords" with some a fancy hilt and differently shaped blades, i doubt there will ever be one now. Big sad.

Gonna put this on draft since it doesnt seem to have any chance of getting into the game legitimately. Thank you for the feedback, maybe i'll pick up making models again, since i recently started to the play the game a bit more actively. You're doing a way better job with giving feedback to the creators than the moderators on r/TroveCreations did back then. Cheers!

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by Ylva September 14, 2020

Hello and welcome!

Sword is looking really good, loving that very smooth coloring! Great usage of material maps too :)

However, Trove has over 900 melee designs, so all swords that im able to Approve need to have something really special about them. Your design is solid and well-made, but there are already quite some blue icy looking swords. On a quick search through database i found Glowing Glass Gladius, Wailing Warblade and Kin Keeper, but im sure there are more that share same color pallet/idea.

It can be really challenging to create a fresh sword design. Going for biomes with least melee weapons like Geode or Jurassic Jungle and/or using axe/blunt shape instead of sword could be beneficial.

About the sword itself, at the moment it slightly exceeds allowed dimensions around the Attachment Point, it is important to keep an eye on those. You can easily check that in Troxel using Lint and Export button.

Another thing, while shading is absolutely stunning, you have quite a lot of occasions where a color is only used on one-two voxels. It is not noticeable at all that there are more than 3-5 shades of grey used, yet there are so many of them. It is best for performance (and usually appearance of style aswell) to use fewer shades but with more thought. 

Going to change the status of your creation to Active for now, change it back to Needs Review if you upload changes. If you d rather create something completely different, set it to Draft, that will hide it from the list and free up a creation slot.

In any case, good luck! You have some good voxel-skills already, would be great to see them put to use on some fun idea or an exciting concept :)

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by Kive10 September 12, 2020






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