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Posted on Lionfang Melee creation


Considering that this is already the final Design after like 3 or so reworks, i do not think that i'll fundamentaly change it, but instead keep (as i was doing since 4 years ago when i made this) using it as a selfmade mod.

The thing that (as an FF8 fanboy) bugs me the most, is that there is no satisfactory looking Gunblade style in the game, but since they are essentially all "plain swords" with some a fancy hilt and differently shaped blades, i doubt there will ever be one now. Big sad.

Gonna put this on draft since it doesnt seem to have any chance of getting into the game legitimately. Thank you for the feedback, maybe i'll pick up making models again, since i recently started to the play the game a bit more actively. You're doing a way better job with giving feedback to the creators than the moderators on r/TroveCreations did back then. Cheers!