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Posted on Lionfang Melee creation

Ylva Creations Team
7 days ago


Oh i see. Sorry, i havnt played any Final Fantasy so i didnt see the reference. The reason why we dont have (and likely wont have) a good looking Gunblade or any other close copy of iconic weapons from other games is because if we did, the developers/publishes/other people with rights of that game/movie/etc could complain that Trove is stealing their intellectual property. We do have some recognizable things but they are usually quite far from the origin.

For example, if that gunblade-shaped sword was colored to fit Sunseeker theme (blue, white, gold, glowing cyan) or Candoria (frosting, gumdrops and cookie colors) it could pass. Although in that case i will be yet another unsatisfying Lionheart Gunblade :)