Pickaxe Inerte

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Pioche coincée dans une géode inerte

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thanks a lot for your help

the guide is perfect it's right what i miss


Me and Evilagician tried our best to explain all we know about dungeon making in this series of guides: https://trovesaurus.com/page=3620/dungeoneering-101-chapter-1-dungeon-basics

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask (you could mail me here or contact me on Discord, Trovesaurus server, same nickname)

In brief, every dungeon has few Rooms - blueprints that are connected to eachother. Usually an entrance, a gameplay room and boss room. You already made a blueprint for your staff, for a dungeon you would make a box with entrance and exit instead of that, and instead of Attachment Point you will have plugs/sockets. When you have few of those separate rooms ready, you launch Trove and enter Metaforge - in-built voxel editor for making Dungeons. You open your room blueprints In metaforge and place plugs and sockets to connect your rooms just like puzzle pieces. Once that is done, you make a text document in where you write names of all rooms that can be used during dungeon assembling and set parameters for them. With that text ready you can see your dungeon assemble in Metaforge just like it would in game.

You could download files of dungeons that were approved/accepted and check those out to see how things are made :)


I wish to create my first dungeon I have look at the guides and the helpers but I do not understand how the creation of dungeon works would they be possible to have an explanation on the subject (excuse me for my bad English)


I thank you first of all for your help and your comments and I would think of doing the download of the creation plan for the next times ^^

for the screen you can leave your own which is perfect


Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva June 17, 2020

Hello again!

Staff looking good! I was going to suggest some additional specular material mapping on geodes (metal for example, to make them even more attractive) but i check your design in game and it looks great as is.

Approving version 5 :)

For future reference, we require a blueprint of creation uploaded to Files tab (next to Home, Edit etc) so Devs could easily download, check and put creations in game. Blueprint should be named according to the template of styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint, and so in your case - staff_pickaxe_inerte[Mathisso99].blueprint . This time i ve uploaded one for you, made from files in your latest Troxel link, but it saves me time if creators do it themselves :)

Also i ve uploaded an in-game screenshot since the one that was there had the 1st version. Users are not able to edit Approved posts (to make sure Devs get check versions of creations) so let me know if you d rather have your own screenshot posted there.

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Mathisso99 June 16, 2020


Hey saw your new design Looks interesting and unique !

but those 2 small geodes look rather flat for me Maybe you could work some volume in there 

also try material mapping for the Crystal parts in the Geode and for the pickaxe :) 

Looks good Keep on working and you will eventually get approved !

Creation Status Changed to Active
by Mathisso99 June 12, 2020


Thank you very much for your help and I find your build beautiful I will inspire me greatly ^^


Creation Status Changed to Draft
by Mathisso99 June 12, 2020
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva June 12, 2020


The staff looks great, loving the idea :D

Model looks good too :) A couple of small suggestions though. At the moment the pickaxe looks very flat compared to the Inert Geode, and the Geode seems to be almost 'growing around' it.

I think it would be really beneficial for the design to add some volume to the head/blade of the pickaxe. Make it more visible by using brighter colors and exposing more iron while making the inert geode smaller could be a good thing too.

I made a quick edit based on your model and suggestions above. Also added some random bits of inert geodes just to see how that would look. To be clear, you do not need to copy my edit, its far from perfect and im sure you can do better :)

Going to set the status of your creation to Active for now, do set it back to Review if you upload any changes to your model :)

(Also wow, all the helpful comments from Creators, thank yous! Seriously happy to see you guys helping each other!)

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Mathisso99 June 9, 2020
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Mathisso99 June 5, 2020


I take note and modify it immediately and I thank you for your help and advise


actually well seen thank you for your help ^^

careful with these edges, u dont want any floating voxels

u can check in troxel if everything is correct by selecting the weapon type and "lint and export"

will show u what is wrong with ur model

Hello :D 

so first I am NO Moderator but I'd like to help you out and give tips :)

Your creation Looks very interesting and unique , I love the Idea but somethings could Change ! 

Handle: Try make a more consitant shading and not like random(?) darker voxels. Maybe from the start its dark and to the Geode it could get lighter ?


Geode Purple part: Maybe try some Color variations / shading there to from a darker Purple to a lighter Purple or something like that ? 


and finally for the (Geode) crystall you could try  Material mapping

it is used to make stuff Shine or make Things ''look trough''


oh and one quick Thing is that Thing on Purpose ? 

very interesting idea. try to do more shading on the geode and the handle looks a bit out of place because of the different colour, try to shade the brown handel into the purple geode.

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Mathisso99 June 4, 2020






Needs Review




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