Shield Servitor

Tenaciously defends you from incoming attacks.

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery 75 Power Rank

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  • Shield Servitor
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     Shield Servitor (30 Energy Regeneration, -20% Incoming Damage)

    Shield Servitor

    The Shield Servitor fills the same role as the Feisty Flamedancer. You would use this instead of the Flamedancer if you keep dying for some reason outside of Banshee's Boon.

    To begin this guide, I assume you have atleast the four following pets : Prowling Shadow, Shield Servitor, Raptor Beserker, and Chronomancer Quebsly.

    - Shield Servitor -

    -Knights relies on a high Health pool and health regen. So get a lot of these.
    -It's very useful to have a Shield Servitor as allie since it gives you -20% incoming damage to increase your defenses and +30 energy regen.
    -Charge can be very useful to get where you need. You can use it to dodge incoming damage from enemies and moving faster.
    -Use your Slam to keep enemies away from your fragile allies. Keeping a enemy fighting you is the main idea of being the front-line.


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