Trovian Tumbler

Sometimes the bad guys just need a good throttling.

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Trovians, we’ve got some fantastic news to share with you – Trove’s official console launch date is March 14, 2017! Trove’s console open beta has soared to almost 4 Million players since we opened the floodgates in December! As our way of saying “thank you” to the amazing beta testers who have helped us reach this point we come bearing gifts!

We’re giving away this gorgeous Chromatic Cumulus mount to PS4 beta testers who log into the beta before launch! If this hasn't already unlocked for you it'll be granted shortly after launch.

Play on the Xbox One? Login to the beta before launch to pick up the Trovian Tumbler mount once we go live!

Your beta feedback allowed us to tackle bugs, improve stability, and change how the game plays. Those improvements helped us set a strong foundation for the future and the best is yet to come!

Here are just a few of the huge improvements coming to Trove on March 14th:
  • A massive update to the Loot Collector!
  • Brand new Inventory menu to make it easier to store and manage your epic loot.
  • Improvements to the Club UI.

There’s no need to wait - play the open beta now and all of your progress will carry over when we go live. PS+ members also earn 20% bonus XP during the beta test.

Unlock the legendary dragon, Disaeon the Immortal, by purchasing any pack from the in game store.

Don’t delay, this bonus dragon offer ends with the beta!

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Update 5: The servers have remained stable for a while now so we're going to start up the Leaderboards soon. We'll start granting the login awards as soon as possible, but please be patient as we want to make sure the game is good to go before putting too many tasks in place all at once.

Update 4: Hey all, we're bringing the servers online but have implemented a queue so we can monitor server status as more players come online. As I mentioned in a previous update you likely will not receive your login bonus items right away but we'll let everyone know when they can start expecting those.

Update 3: We're doing some additional checks but are much closer to the point where we'll open the Trove servers again. The Leaderboards will likely need some additional time to load up so please allow them an hour or two to be fully online.

In an effort to reduce the number of tasks being handled by our backend systems we're temporarily disabling the automated grant of login items. I'll post another update once we've enabled these items again. No one who should receive them will be left out and we'll get them enabled again as soon as possible.

Expect another update in 1 hour, unless we're online prior to that. (Currently 12:30 PM PDT)

Update 2: The updates made by the dev team to address the current issues are being uploaded now and we'll test them out over the next few minutes. The items being granted to players for logging in will likely still take a while to arrive even if we come back online shortly, so please be patient. Another update in one hour if we're not back online. (Currently 11:30 AM PDT)

Update 1: We've taken Trove offline to address the issue with one of our backend systems. We're working to smooth things out now. The dev team is working on a couple adjustments that should help alleviate the strain and I'll post our next update in one hour. (Currently 10:30AM PDT)

Hey everyone,

There are a whole bunch of you logging in right now and we love you for it! That said, there are a some delays in getting signed in and changing worlds but we're working to address this as we speak.

With the number of claims happening all at once there may also be some delays there as well.

The Trovian Tumbler mount is auto-consumed when signing in, so it won't show up in the Claims window. Instead it should be one of your available mounts. However, with the delays it may take a while for it to unlock.

Please hang in there! I'll update this post in one hour with any news. (Currently 9:30 AM PDT)

Thanks everyone!

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It's been about one year since we officially went live! To thank you for your ongoing support, we've set up a number of amazing bonuses for the next two weeks!
  • All classes are 66% off
  • Gem Packs are 25% off
  • If you log in between July 12 and July 25th, you will get a Trovian Tumbler mount (created by Screamheart)
  • If you log in between July 12 and July 25th, you will get a Minor Experience Coin! Using this coin will grant you enough experience to take a class from level 1 to 10!
  • All Daily bonuses are active every day!
  • A special log in bonus every day, with an additional bonus every other day for players with Mastery Rank 20 or higher!

Golden Ticket Lootboxes!
Available through contests, login bonuses, and attached to some products, these chests rarely contain some AMAZING prizes!
  • It's Raining Mounts - Use this item to unlock a HUGE number of mounts, including all mounts in the following categories: Adventure Box, Rare, Store, Extra Life, Crafted, Fishing, Shadow Tower, Treasure Isles, Corgi, Cat, Shmeep, Centaur, Fancy, and Seasonal.
  • Dragon Force - Use this item to unlock SIX dragons: Panatea, Ludini, Erimatra, Selene, Yorin, and Erel!
  • 1 Year Patron Pass - Use this item to grant your account patron status for a whole year!

Anniversary Login Bonuses
  • Log in any time during the Anniversary party (July 12 07:00 - July 26 07:00 PT) to receive the Trovian Tumbler mount (designed by Screamheart!) as well as a Minor Experience Coin, which grants enough experience to take a class from level 1 to 10!
  • Each day during the Anniversary party, log in to receive two Golden Ticket Lootboxes!

Daily Bonuses
  • July 12 07:00 - July 13 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 13 07:00 - July 14 07:00 PT - 1 Streamer Dream!
  • July 14 07:00 - July 15 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 15 07:00 - July 16 07:00 PT - 5 Booster boxes!
  • July 16 07:00 - July 17 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 17 07:00 - July 18 07:00 PT - 10 Dragon Coins!
  • July 18 07:00 - July 19 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 19 07:00 - July 20 07:00 PT - 1 Empowered gem box!
  • July 20 07:00 - July 21 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 21 07:00 - July 22 07:00 PT - 10 Omni-Style Unlockers!
  • July 22 07:00 - July 23 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 23 07:00 - July 24 07:00 PT - 1 Ninth Life booster!
  • July 24 07:00 - July 25 07:00 PT - 2 Days of Patron Pass! (Requires Mastery Rank 20+)
  • July 25 07:00 - July 26 07:00 PT - 10 Golden Ticket Lootboxes!
Weekly Updates
The Chaos Chest has been updated! Grab Drumsticks, the majestic (and hungry) flying griffon mount!

Misc Updates/Fixes
  • When looking at Stats in the Character Sheet, you can now mouse over individual stats to see more of a breakdown on how the stat is calculated.
  • In Collections, Dragon Ascension Badges now show how many Mastery Points are granted by the reward items at each level.
  • Fixed a Collections UI bug where sometimes the green selection circle wouldn't update when changing mounts.
  • Reduced the block damage done by the Knight Empowered Gem ability.
  • Fixed bug where air currents remain in the world after moving a cornerstone that contains a Side Draft block.
  • Un-invisibled the Obsidian Total Days badge.
  • Fixed dragon mount's front and back left feet, while in epic pose.
  • Dragons now leave proper footprints after landing.
  • Bull Dozer has been optimized and should no longer tank framerates while in use.
  • Fixed bug where items that are collected while Collections is open appear to still be uncollected.
  • Fixed description for Eye of Q'Bthulu products on the store.
  • Fixed a bug where Heart-a-Phone sometimes didn't have keyboard focus when it should.
  • Stellar and Radiant loot drops now have their own special VFX to distinguish them from Shadow loot drops.

Community Content
  • New Frontier Lair from MrsMeowsifer!