Nimble Nimbus

If you think about it, you'll fall off.

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery

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  • [collection=collections/mount/cloud_storm] name changed from 'Chaotic Cumulonimbus KIWI-5902' to 'Chaotic Cumulonimbus'
  • [collection=collections/mount/cloud_storm] desc changed from '' to 'Fly in dark style on this cloud of gloom.'
  • [collection=collections/mount/cloud_storm] category changed from 'READY_FOR_GAME' to 'Rare'
  • Honestly, you win either way. If you sell it to the guy for 15k, you make a healthy profit of 15k. However if you decide to hold off and find a different price by looking online or asking around, you would realize either aura has been selling all day for upwards of 60k Flux. I learned my lesson the hard way, when I sold a Nimble Nimbus mount for 2k Flux when I first started out (this is a rare mount from mining Crystallized Cloud in the Sky Realm and goes for 15k+ Flux). So where do you go to find out pricing information? Here:

    Crystalized cloud, which is effected by Ore day, and has a chance to drop the Nimble Nimbus, which is a rare mount...

  • A new rare mount, the Nimble Nimbus, can now be found rarely in the Sky Realms! 
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