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Water biomes are found in Adventure Worlds at any difficulty, Seas are the native homeland of the Pirate Captain. In Adventure worlds you can find dungeons, Drowned Worlds (Water-Gem worlds, start at Uber-3 difficulty, power rank 550) have dungeons, lairs and Merchant Ships. Among enemies there are Pirrots, Undead Sailors, Sharkmen and Crabs. Complete dungeons, lairs and slay monsters here to obtain Treasure Isles styles and  Golden Seashell. Defeat Flakbeard, The Relentless worldboss in Lost Isles and Treasure Isles for Pirate Dragon Egg Fragment. Find Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents worldboss in Open Seas (Drowned Worlds) for Deep Sea Dragon Egg Fragment.

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Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Lost Isles do not have any distinct sub biomes, however it is possible to devide them into Lost Isles, Treasure Isles, Open Seas, Summer Seas and Seas of Regret. 

Summer Seas surround Hub Square and have numerous cornerstone plots. Seas of Regret and Deep Regret surround all adventure and clubworlds. Waters here are poisonous. Both those biomes have nothing but endless calm seas and skies.

Open Seas appear in Drowned Worlds, here, aside from seas and skies, players can also find Thallasion worldboss, either roaming free on a seabottom or in his own hidden lair (not marked on map).

Lost Isles appear in Adventure Worlds, small palm islands spawn here, together with rock cliffs. Dungeons appear in this biome, and Flakbeard worldboss is rarely found enjoying the weather on palm islands.

Treasure Islands found in Drowned Worlds. Both Dungeons and Lairs spawn here. Terrain is still the same, calm seas, rare small palm islands with a chance to meet Flakbeard.

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