Shores of the EverdarkBiome

Shores Of Everdark is a home of Shadows. Accessable at Uber-8 (5000 Power Rank) and Uber-9 (10000 Power Rank) diffuculty. This is a dark and dangerous biome with exploding rocks and rivers of spikes. Only dungeons here are Shadow Colloseums. Monsters in this land are shadow versions of other mobs as well as unique Shadow creatures.

Defeat Shadow Golems in Shadow Colloseums to access Everdark Vaults. Opening them with Class Gem Key rewards with Empowered Class Gems for a class you opend a vault with (note that you can switch to any class after completing a dungeon and open vault, as long as the class has required Power Rank for the uber you are in).

There used to be Shaper's Star Key that could open Everdark Vaults for Shaper Stars, but those are not used in Gear Upgrading anymore (12'2018).

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^

  • Empowered Stellar Class gems from Everdark Vaults
  • Monsters, invaders, roaming creatures drop absolutely nothing
  • [UNCONFIRMED] Trophy Shadow Boot from Shadow Boot monsters

Terrain Top ^

Everdark is hilly dark land. There are, however, rare plains with trenches in the ground that are full of spikes. Beware of exploding blue rocks. Land is of dark purplse colors with blue and light purple as 'crystal nodes'. Skies are dark, during 'daytime' there is a Huge Eye of Q'bthulhu, during 'nighttime' - blood moon.

Randomly players can meet Kevin - Cotton Candy ally lost in Shores of Everdark.

Everdark Terrain 1

Everdark Terrain 2

Everdark Terrain 3

Everdark Terrain 4

Everdark Terrain 5

Kevin 1Kevin 2

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