Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Adept difficulty (Power Rank 60). This biome is frozen wasteland that once was a home for a great empire, which was a native homeland of Ice Sage. Frozen catles, cathedrals and toweres are overrun buy predators and phantoms. Among enemies you can find viking draugrs, frost spirits, yeti and spiders. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Tundra styles and Permafrost deco recipes. This is the only biome to mine  Glacial Shard and collect  Ice Dragon Egg Fragment.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^

Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Permafrost doesnt have any distinct sub-biomes and it doesnt appear in Gem-specific adventure worlds. Land is a frozen wasteland, covered with ice and snow. Large icy frozen natural structures spawn all over biome. Terrain varies from plains to hills, deep gorges spawn here and there, opening entrances to spacy mines.  

Permafrost Terrain 1

Permafrost Terrain 2

Permafrost Terrain 3

Permafrost Terrain 4

Permafrost Terrain 5