Ice Sage

The Ice Sage is a cryptic spellcaster with an unerring sense of everything cool. Chill foes with magical crystals and summon deadly falling icicles, then use your ultimate to freeze enemies solid and leave them helpless.



The Ice Sage's basic attack chills enemies, slowing their movement speed. Additionally, Ice Sages can walk across ice without slipping.


Spirit Spears

Damages enemies in a cone in front of the Revenant. Costs health to use, and deals damage based on Maximum Health.


Ice Crash

Drops an icicle from the heavens, dealing damage over an area.


Ice Crash

Drops an icicle from the heavens, dealing damage over an area.


Frozen Ward - Level 3

Increases the movement speed, damage, and attack speed of the Ice Sage. Any damaging attack that would do more than 10% of the Ice Sage's maximum health is absorbed, breaking the Frozen Ward.


The Big Chill - Level 5

Freezes and damages all enemies around the Ice Sage for 3.5 seconds. Any damage done to frozen enemies is applied when they thaw.


Pain Freeze

Empowered Water Gem for the Ice Sage. Basic Attacks now freeze enemies for 1 second on the first hit, in addition to their existing chill. Hitting enemies three times in a row with Basic Attacks causes them to explode, taking additional damage.\n\nOnly one such Gem may be socketed at a time.

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