Desert FrontierBiome

Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Master difficulty (Power Rank 160). This biome is following Frontier\Wild West theme, its made of large bone structures, saloons, cacti and steampunk buildings. Native homeland of the Gunslinger. Enemies include desert creatures such as lizards and crabs but you will also meet undead miners and steambot drones. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Frontier styles and Desert Frontier deco recipes. Bottle and  Bleached Bone are found in here.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Desert Frontier doesnt have any distinct sub-biomes and it doesnt appear in Gem-specific adventure worlds. Landscape is barren and smooth. Sand dunes appear rarely and mostly on biome borders. Cracks in the ground are more common and lead to endless cave systems. Desert Frontier is filled with bleached skeletons and tall stone formations. Cacti are sparse and pale.

Desert Frontier Terrain 1

Desert Frontier Terrain 2

Desert Frontier Terrain 3

Desert Frontier Terrain 4

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