Did you ever dream of a world... fullfilled with boots ?

Thank you for this mod.

Now I want to make a Boot version of every item

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

This is a mix between my Holovaen F-4 Mk. VI dragon and Vortexslinger costume.

COSTUME ( Revenant)

This costume is inspired by Terraria's Solar Flare Armor

No, it works like Ganda but instead of placing golden blocks, it places "shadow" blocks

Edit: Wait wtf. It destroys blocks in club worlds ? What about adventure worlds ? Like Ganda or just a normal mount ?
I guess it worls like a bulldozer in club worlds since ganda is useless in those (it can't place blocks in clubs) but in adventure worlds, it can.

I would be so disappointed if it's only another Bulldozer


This is a more "festive" version of Selene !

No description entered

No description entered

No description entered

I tried to make pixel art !

No description entered


The arrow allows to spot the mobs more easily, used for the Turkeytopia quests (21th Nov - 4th Dec)

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

It's an easy mod made with Vortexslinger's assets, with some changes to make it for the Shadow Hunter.


Cuphead from that new game that everyone talks about because it is so fun and so hard !

Le 26 Septembre 2017, on a introduit un nouveau système aux Troviens du monde - Les Bonus Blocky ! Le premier Bonus Blocky était le magnifique Sabaddar. Pendant que cette monture est disponible jusqu'au 23 Octobre, les bonus Blocky n'en sont qu'au début !

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

Highly inspired by Terraria's Vortex Armor, this mod fits the Vortex theme, along with the hat and guns.

Shadow Hunter version is available


Adds a ring around the head of each -aawk boss. It makes the search for the specified boss easier, as you do not need to go in a boat to look if it is the one you are looking for.

[user=5318] helped me a lot on this mod with making the rings and ideas for highlighting the bosses.

En effet, faute de ma part, la récompense est bien 5 écus ^^

Sauvez le futur, résolvez le mystère de la pêche Plasma ! Regardez les 10 étapes dans cet article. Attention, cet article contient des spoilers.


We don't know where this dragon comes from, but the technologies used are awesome and we never saw that. The wings and some parts of the body are holograms !

C'est un oiseau ! C'est un avion ! C'est... en train de brûler et de s'écraser ! Regardez les 11 étapes dans cet article. Attention, cet article contient des spoilers.

On a mis à jour la base de données avec EclipseVu que le patch a aussi amené des trucs pour supporter de futures mises à jour, on doit les voir aussi. Ne lisez pas cette article si vous préférez les surprises !

Les patch notes d'Eclipse introduisent le système d'amélioration et reroll de Gemmes, les Sous-Classes, le Foyer Shadow Tower, le Shadow Hydrakken, le Darknik Dreadnought, de nouveaux Dragons, l'Atlas Trovien, les améliorations de la Fae Trickster et plus.

Tous les dragons sont listés ici.


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