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Commented on: Celestward Tendracles art

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Same man... Same...

Commented on: Armored Abyss Assailant art

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What's important is that you had fun while making it ;)

Commented on: Who would you date? art


Yeah, she's pretty chill. 

Commented on: Anti-Invader Formation art

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I know that .jpg saves space, but I recommend you to use .png next time. .png format is of higher quality.

Commented on: Ground, Water and Air art

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Then, everything changed when the fire trovian attacked.

Commented on: MochaMint's Dracolyte, 'Wait' art

I got noticed by MochaMint! :D
Anyway, you're welcome! I hope you like this!

Commented on: Mac / OS X Mod Install Guide page

The VFX Doen't work, It there a solution to it? i got the MOD working but the VFX are not