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Artasy "Painter of Life"

Pencil, Eraser, and Paint!

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Pencil, Eraser, and Paint!

Art exists in various forms, from growing plants and crystals to physical paintings. However, all it matters was the imagination of the mind. Artasy is a Chloromancer who paints her thoughts into reality. 

Of course, since the Sun Goddess was practically "sleeping" (we all know she's just on vacation somewhere far away from her own creations after seeing what abominations they themselves can create), Artasy and her friends Drago and Crow must find a way to defend the lands while putting in as minimal effort as possible, leading to the side effect of having rather low intelligence on first impression.

Ah, who cares?! As long as they don't die, Artasy and the gang will continue to try to have as much fun as possible in this depressing world of Trove. Join them as they adventure through the lands doing basic everyday tasks! After all, they only have so long to live.

(old backstory)

Art is the life of everything. This includes very dangerous ones too. Artasy was a little girl who loved art to its maximum. She loves it so much until her paintings were very real.

However, the Zakrulls (Army from Q'bthulu) came in when Artasy was drawing the landscape of a beautiful piece of land. They destroyed everything. They spared no life and objects to anything in its path. Artasy's home, paintings, and parents... All gone. The little girl barely made it alive if not for the Scions (Sun Army). But, everything destroyed and lost, cannot be replaced. On that day, everything was gone... Or was it? There were a brush and eraser lying around in the broken buildings. The brush was like any other paintbrush of hers, except that that particular brush made it.... in one piece? Artasy took the brush and eraser that was lying there. The only companions she has now, and forever too. Artasy cried in sadness that the non-living objects were her only friend and companions left. A rainbow appeared nearby, and the brush shone with the rainbow. 

Smiling towards the future, she will protect those who can't protect themselves, giving a smile and a cheer to steer away from the misery.