Characters that this user has created, this includes names images and what styles they use. This is intended for those who like to share their created characters appearance.

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Shy little fae girl. She's bit bashful, you might take a while to get to be friend with her.

She usually hangs out with 'Staff Squads'. They take care of Bell very well.


She doesn't like to fight with someone. She tries to stay neutral in every situation. It might sound like she has no opinion for herself... well, half-right!

She easily gets frightened, and if she gets scared, she will cry out.


Her symbol keyward is 'Moderation'


Her name is 'Bell' but Pasteis misunderstood it as 'Well', so Pas call her Well.


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Big Sister of Melee Squads. She's fun loving person! also loves party and social things. She loves to share her sweets!(in a way.)


She's bit lazy and doesn't like complicated problems, so she often do things inattentively. However, when it comes to counselling, she does her best!


'Blueberry Tart' is not her real name, and she hates her real name.


Her Symbol keyword is 'Amiableness'.


+She doesn't like Veggies.

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Her symbol keyword is

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Agile lancer that loves fluffy things! She's bit sharp and nervous.


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Quiet and cautious sage that came from Permafrost! She almost died, but Bone revived her and took her to the burning cornerstone.

Because other staff squads are nasty and picky, she always tries to calm them down(especially Well - she's always frightened). She does what other squads need. She's like... a caretaker.


But she isn't that kind person, she's just putting her emotions back. She gets angry when others are acting way too nasty.


Her symbol keyword is 'solicitude'

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Vigorous Vanguardian who lives in the basement of burning cornerstone. Wuti found him, and he now sacrifice himself for cornerstone family and follows Pas's will.

He works for cornerstone family. He thinks that helping them is his duty. He never complains!

His symbol keyword is 'Sacrifice'

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Unpredictable Chloromancer who acts by her mood.


She's moody. She might be calm and soft, or she might be ferocious and radical.

She isn't rigid, you can sooth her when she gets furious and irrational. Of course you can make her angry when she's calm.


Her symbol keyword is 'Unpredictableness'


+Her favorite flower is bon silene rose.



(He's not that funny guy tho)

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(He's not that funny guy tho)

Pronounced "meh".


Quiet but faithful guy! He started following Pas because she saved him once.


He's been following Pas's will since the day she save his life. Now he gladly help others in need!  

He doesn't show his emotional changes often. But he tries to smile if he can.

He always uses honorifics.


His symbol keyword is 'Aplomb'

+He doesn't like to eat.

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Naughty Ninja that came from Neon City!


He might act mischievous and rude, but that's how he expresses himself. He also lies and curses sometimes- that's because he doesn't want to be hurt. 

Once you cotton up with him, you'll find his kind heart.


His symbol keyword is 'lonesomeness'


Wuti really really really(×100) hates him.


+ secretly he likes small puppies.

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Sweet and smiley shadow huntress, with sympathetic ear. She's also a big eater!


because she likes to help people, she's always busy wandering around(to find people in need)! She doesn't want something in return for her courtesy, she just wants people to smile.

She also likes to fight against vice, but her concept of justice is incomplete. So she agonize about that. a lot.


Her symbol keyword is 'Goodwill'


+ Sceretly she loves to be petted.



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Dino Tamer that seems cheery. Ze started to follow Pas because ze thought that she's the only person who can understand zir.


Ze left homeworld because of . Ze was once lost and hopeless, but ze decided to resist against and now ze's living zir own life. Ze now fights against shadows, and help people in dispair. 


Zir symbol keyword is 'Resistance'


+'Runeberg Tart' is not zir real name.

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Sentimental gunslinger who is always frightened. Loves baking and quiet places.


He easily gets scared(for example - animals, Shadow titans, gunfires, and angry cornerstone families are scary for him). But you can easily get familiar with him if you act friendly.

Tira is actually a fun-loving person, however he thinks that world around him is too dangerous. He's not a 'coward' guy, so he will act courageously if he needs.


His symbol keyword is 'Spark'

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Reticent Pirtate Captain. He likes black kitty, flatfish, and money.


He used to be offensive and abusive. But he met Tira and Runeberg, now he regrets what he did in the past. He thinks that he now have something to protect. So he is trying not to be offensive.


Tira and Runeberg call him 'uncle Vermilli'


His symbol keyword is 'Protector'

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PTS character.


half-dragon, half-human guy who lives in the burning cornerstone. Loves books and calculations. He habitually uses archaic words. 


He's calm but he has courage of his convictions!  He does whatever he thinks is right-but that doesnt' mean that he's selfish, he's just individualist. He also has high pride. He doesn't like to fight but he will try to tear you down when you make him angry.


He has human sister, and they care about each other(They never fight!)


His symbol keyword is 'Honesty' and 'Resolution'(Unyieldness)

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Boomeranger that SEEMS kind and gentle.


He might look favorable at first time, but all he thinks is how profitable people are. He only takes things that are beneficial for him. Once he realizes you aren't useful, he might attack you.

He usually uses honorifics, but if you get to be friend with him, he'll use informal words.

His final goal is


His symbol keyword is "Opportunism"


Sadly he has nut allergy :(


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PTS character.


Hotblood knight who lives in the burning cornerstone. Loves warm stuff, sparring, and salmon dish. She SOMETIMES uses archaic words.


She's kinda stubborn(like her brother), and she prefers swords to words. She also has high pride, she may try to kill you when you hurt her dignity. However she is loyal to the people whoever she thinks is trustful. She will absolutely sacrifice herself for the one who she cares a lot.


She has half-dragon brother, and they care about each other(They never fight!). Her brother calls her 'Wut'.


Her symbol keyword is 'Devotion'(this is related to her backstory) and 'Honesty'


She has someone in her mind :3


She has Twitter account! @Your_Wuti_V