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The idea is interesting... i like it. i think there needs to be something more on the landing page (this page) like a community feature of art/builds/mods, news, something. this page feel really empty, and i was a bit mislead at first till i saw the tabs at the top.


COSTUME ( Dracolyte)

I like how satisfying it is to slowly fill your collection and mastery bar, and feel great when you complete a large category (Dragons, Badges, etc.)

MOUNT ( Lunar Lancer)

OH, cool. i might actaully end up finishing my build that i started ages ago xD

Should add a note:

Experience that would be gained on level 30 classes is counted as gained for this contests.

is 220 movespeed even possible?!?!

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

Ninth Life gem booster and 25 Diamond Draginite!

Should be: Ninth Life gem booster and 25 Diamond Dragonite!

Dont see NEARLY enough hybrid/newer player builds around :P

Gems section feels confusing with all 3 colors on every tab. would be nice to have it so that it was simply "gems" instead of having the different colors, as the colors dont really matter outside of prim dragons, which arent being counted here. another thing that could be useful is a "variation" option, where a checkbox could be checked and it would change the build slightly to fit a slightly different description, like an alternative ally you could use or different stat.

COSTUME ( Lunar Lancer)

hmm... i might take a stab at this.

lancer contest... time to dominate it.

Looks cool, happy to see taht we are getting customizable club ranks and that gear is seeing the light of day again. hopefully with limited RNG.


Im basically a huge loser.


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