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Commented on: Neverending Powerhouse Candy Barbarian Build build

liked this!

The CD as the second stat is more of a future proofing, incase we ever get enough attack speed from dragons to drop it from the gear. I'm sorry this build doesn't cater to the early game.

Commented on: What class do you want drawn next? Class #9 poll

Voted: Chloromancer

Commented on: What class do you want drawn next? (Class #8) poll

Voted: Chloromancer

Because it's the best class.

Commented on: Modding Experiences Promotion page

I've known about mods for a long time, and have always been intruiged by them, but it was only after the old mod loader died and two new ones spawned that i finally decided to delve into the whole thing.

I have tried both the new loaders and from testing out both of them, i find TroveTools to be the most accessible one, and thus it is my preffered one.

For the most part i only use graphical mods, things like Novuhz's drop VFX mod and Martial/Arcane VFX mod, No clouds, etc.

If i could pick something i wanted to see someone make, it would have to either be new VFX for the shadow hunter's class gem, or a dragon that fits with the Dub-o-Mancer costume.