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Commented on: Artist x Modder Signup event

Moddor :^)

Commented on: Rolling Salvo Giveaway giveaway

I'm not too sure to be perfectly honest. However, I believe you should be able to.

Commented on: Duck Head mod

lol, didnt see the typo. Late reply, but fixed.

Commented on: Rolling Salvo Giveaway giveaway

woop GL!

Commented on: Forging Loading Screen art

thankiiiiieessss... keep spamming me, i might actually get off my butt and make a guide for fancy vfx lool


Commented on: Rolling Salvo collection

clearly the most ingenius desingg on the planet! What could possibly go wrong?  heh...

Commented on: A dog makes the best companion art

If only i had a tablet  ;-; I tried, and it looked good I guess :P

Commented on: [Deleted Mod] mod

liked this!

pretty good, nothing otter than that.

Commented on: Waypoints Edition! mod

liked this!

vry useful mod.

Commented on: Streamer Dream Giveaway (February) giveaway

aaw yeeeee

Commented on: Delicious Direwolf Giveaway giveaway

aaw yeee

Commented on: Snowfest Day Albairn Giveaway giveaway

boy, oh boy.

Commented on: What class do you want drawn next? Class #9 poll

Voted: Pirate Captain

Bang bang! 

Sorry I was being pirate captain again, it's hard to not get deafened by the explosions from his cannons.

Commented on: Chronozilla's Forfeit Giveaway giveaway

I Spoke to chrono, she's rigged the contest in my favour.  lol