As usual I put minimal effort into something because it was fun; this is a bee he likes to sell honey (so please buy off of him, it tastes pretty good!)

COSTUME ( Knight)

I'm not quiter sure what my mod does myself, really. It's one of life's long lost mysteries that still remains unanswered by science, i mean... How exactly do you make someone use the power of bubbles to do anything? Surely you'd expect them to sit around all day eating cake or something...

I wish I had these magical powers- like seriously, imagine how many ducks I could summon to eat bread with me! 

I accidentally sneezed onto my graphics tablet and it somehow colored itself in- I'm not too sure how that works, but I'll roll with it! :)

COSTUME ( Neon Ninja)

It makes a super speedy sudsy ninja dude that's all liek "Wowie!!1! Lookatme!!11 I'm so heckin' quick, yo!!!1"

Maybe I need to stop giving him baguettes when he is hungry. (someone hide it from him please)

He's a level 175 boss while you're only a level 15 mage... You should probably run, like srsly. And his minion is atleast level 2000 because minions gotta be harder than the boss, yo.


I'm not even sure what my mod does, myself. I mean quite honestly, I just woke up and randomly replaced another bird and hoped the files worked. I guess it works.



I'm not sure i need to explain, because bubbles are pretty cool












COSTUME ( Boomeranger)

Turns the Boomeranger into a Mechanized robotic thingo

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)


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