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Commented on: Starfish Skimmer collection

still shock the accept it was a fail test ider its not even line up right i made in like 20mins as test an vewer ask can just smited an see if the accepted never fort the would that why i tell people there no way of tell what the dev will want add to game so do not make stuff for reson to add make stuff as u want make them. make stuff for your self an if get add it get add this one show even somthing  like this can get added


Commented on: Archlich Kizappian mod

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nice job

keep it up

Commented on: Prismaranger mod

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epic job love it 

Commented on: hello! art

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so cute 

Commented on: One Cone Man mod

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happy i was able help beable to make your own mod keep up man

Commented on: Arrow boss radar mod

Commented on: Glyph Website Beta page

its looks so good i happy the at last update it the old site was well started to well brake some page would not load and just look out dated.

Commented on: An Avian's Tune of Legend mod

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love this nice job sky

Commented on: Bettong mod

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Commented on: Crypto, The Dataminer mod

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epic job i going use on my next trove stream

Commented on: Trove aims to release on Nintendo Switch this year page

At this stage. It probably will not happen. this is a letter to their shareholders a lot of time in letters like these add stuff that may or may not happen. with state of trove there, no way the dev team with have game could pull off the have remade the full game for the switch not like can port it over as its old. 


To even have this happen they would have been working on it for the last couple of years and if that was the case there would be more improvements to all other vision as they would now know how the game works inside out as you had figure all that out. At this stage the delves are just a big dungeon it's easy for to at this stage to put out more delvs.

if do make a switch vision is probably not be the full game.




Commented on: Choco Fae Warrior Costume mod

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this so good nice job


Commented on: [ARTGIFT] Octarock Boxes art

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hugs i love so much thanks <3

Commented on: Hopper The Penguin mod

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I love this Mount so much