Trove aims to release on Nintendo Switch this year

April 2, 2021 (updated 2 weeks ago) by Etaew

In a piece of news that snuck past us, the Media and Games Invest Group (gamigo's parent company) have released their year-end report for 2020, in it Remco Westermann, CEO stated, "we are planning to release Trove, which is currently available on PC, Xbox and Playstation, on Nintendo Switch this year".

This appears to be the CEO breaking the news before the Trove team. The Trove team have not yet made any public statement on the plans for Switch, or made any indication whether they will be targeting the summer or Christmas holiday periods, we'll be looking out for announcements.

This release was teased since Hubdate and the console friendly benches and now Switch players will be glad to see it in writing.


Intro has been edited to make it a bit more readable.


Also our massive multiplayer game Trove, which is one of our top games is a good example of how we are planning to create further growth opportunities through internationalization into new markets and platform extensions.  We recently announced the closed beta for the Korean version of Trove in cooperation with our Korean publishing partner Aprogen Games, and we are in talks with additional partners for other Asian regions.

Furthermore, we are planning to release Trove, which is currently available on PC, Xbox and Playstation, on Nintendo Switch this year. As Trove is doing well on Xbox and Playstation, we expect also that it also will do well on Nintendo Switch, which was one of the best-selling consoles in 2019 and 2020 and is played significantly more than Playstation and Xbox by younger gamers, who are Trove’s core target audience.

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The Corona stay-at-home-policy was especially boosting our revenues and intakes of new players in the second quarter, leading to a higher base-level for our strong portfolio of massive multiplayer games (MMO’s). With several updates of our key games, we are sustaining the momentum: ArcheAge, Fiesta Online and Trove had several updates and large DLCs, which also shows that the output of our internal game development is further increasing. With Atlas Rogues -which is currently in open Beta- our game development team is also showing that they can -based on the old IP and Software- develop an in-house sequel. We are furthermore continuing our strategy to grow our revenues by established games with an attractive risk-return-profile and an increasing cost-efficiency. As of now we are sticking to our philosophy of not developing new games from scratch as this is still too risky for a company of our size. We will stick to our focus as we are convinced that it needs a larger scale to pursue a portfolio strategy of developing several games in parallel. Selectively launching games of third party developers is further focus as well as acquiring further strong games with sustainable revenues via M&A

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After delivering Delves, an extensive update to gamigo’s MMO game Trove, to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation players earlier this year, October saw the highly anticipated release of the Hub-date patch to these consoles as well. It provides players with a multitude of UI enhancements as well as exciting new content. The Hub is the first thing to greet Trove players as they enter the game. Whereas before, the game’s menu system provided players with a functional yet somewhat plain experience, now players can stroll right up to one of the many new interactive features and NPCs and directly access anything they need in Trove - from their Adventures menu to the Marketplace, it is all available in the Hub, making the Hubdate a joy to use for both seasoned players and new ones. The continuous new content and features added to Trove enable the game’s ongoing success and future potential.

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At this stage. It probably will not happen. this is a letter to their shareholders a lot of time in letters like these add stuff that may or may not happen. with state of trove there, no way the dev team with have game could pull off the have remade the full game for the switch not like can port it over as its old. 


To even have this happen they would have been working on it for the last couple of years and if that was the case there would be more improvements to all other vision as they would now know how the game works inside out as you had figure all that out. At this stage the delves are just a big dungeon it's easy for to at this stage to put out more delvs.

if do make a switch vision is probably not be the full game.




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Pls add a Cross Platform

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OH MY GOD!!! O_o